Thursday, April 17, 2014

July 2013: Blueberries

We got another membership to Klock farm this past year. We stepped up our amount though. We were running out of berries mid-winter so we decided to get 100lbs instead of our usual 50. It was A LOT of picking, but its such a fun way to spend a summer morning its not bad. 


Edrie helped bag them up! 

And a look back at the three years we've been picking... 


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

July 2013: Summer Days

This girl loves herself some popsicles, sprinklers and chalk. Quintessential summer fun. It was so fun to play with her all summer long. 



That little wedgie!


July 2013: Garden

Maybe its not kosher to say, but I LOOOOVE our backyard. I guess because we designed it, it just has everything we need. I loved watching the garden boxes go from little plants to unruly beds of green and veggies. The figure 8 in the middle (on the left in this picture) is also a favorite. It gets a ton of sun and I have planted lots of perennials in there that I just love.


Dahlias are a favorite. They remind me of twins I nannied for when I was in high school in college. They were our flowergirl and ring bearer and when they were just babies my mom and I took them to the Dahlia festival. I fell in love with them that day. Plus I just love bulbs and plants that are low maintenance but beautiful!


Our carrots were short and fat with a few curved ends....I forgot that we have a lot of rock in the bottom of those beds. No root veggies for us! 


July 2013: Dan & Lindsey's Wedding

I met Lindsey in college - we shared a love for crafts and a hate for General Chemistry. We ate sooo many parmesan garlic cheez-its while studying its a miracle we can still look at a box! She has been there for me through thick and thin - stood by me on my wedding day and on the day I had Edrie. I was so excited to be a part of her wedding day! She and Dan had a beautiful wedding and all the surrounding events were so fun! The weather was perfect and we had a BLAST dancing the night away! I only took a few pictures here and there, but the photographer did an amazing job capturing the day!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

July 2013: Roseburg Trip


We try to get together with the Newtons and Nelsons over Fourth of July every year. This past summer we headed to Roseburg and the Newtons hosted. It was one of the most perfect summer weekends! We spent one morning picking fruit and veggies that we used to cook with all weekend. Maddie and Edrie have been friends since birth, but this was the first trip they really could play together. SO FUN TO SEE! And I love these pictures of them in the field.



Sister ate and ate and ate. 

IMG_1719 IMG_1723

We went on walks and the girls held hands ... so sweet! I didn't get any pictures of little Natalie! She is about a year younger than Edrie and is just the sweetest - she was just starting to walk and she trekked all over the house!

Janelle arranged for one of her students to watch the girls so all 6 of us could go out. It was SO MUCH FUN! We went to a local winery and had some amazing wine and appetizers then headed to a great Italian spot for dinner. I hope we can do a repeat of that weekend again soon!

June 2013: Randoms

This is one of my all time favorite pictures - she looks so sweet and innocent! She was making father's day cards. Sister friend loves herself some art projects. She is her mama's daughter, afterall!

I can't remember exactly why they made me these signs but I think it was becuase I was getting sick and tired of working full time. I know lots of mamas do it, but working full time is such a struggle for our family. I started a new job last April and to orient to the new unit I had to work full time even though my actual job is part-time. It makes is a huge challenge with childcare and my schedule was different every week so we felt all out of whack. I kept these signs up for months and months - just so sweet and special. 

And the rest of our randoms...