Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I'm SOOO behind on blogging and tried desperately to get caught up last night but I fell alseep at the computer twice before giving up. Just a quick jump ahead to say our little girl is ONE today and I'm in shock!! How was it one year ago that I had that huge round belly and labored the day away?! Right about now I started pushing... and thought she was going to be born really soon... she wasn't born until 10:33pm!

Edrie's Birthday 

She was stubborn, but we finally got her out and flash forward twelve months to a little walking, talking, CHILD! This one is no longer a baby! We have been spending the day simply with some one shaped pancakes, mama daughter time at the zoo, and dinner/ice cream and presents with papa. The big party is set for saturday!

 Birthday girl loooved the zoo!! Birthday Girl! 

Love you so much Edrie Cakes Magoo! 

More pictures to come!