Friday, March 28, 2014

July 2013: Roseburg Trip


We try to get together with the Newtons and Nelsons over Fourth of July every year. This past summer we headed to Roseburg and the Newtons hosted. It was one of the most perfect summer weekends! We spent one morning picking fruit and veggies that we used to cook with all weekend. Maddie and Edrie have been friends since birth, but this was the first trip they really could play together. SO FUN TO SEE! And I love these pictures of them in the field.



Sister ate and ate and ate. 

IMG_1719 IMG_1723

We went on walks and the girls held hands ... so sweet! I didn't get any pictures of little Natalie! She is about a year younger than Edrie and is just the sweetest - she was just starting to walk and she trekked all over the house!

Janelle arranged for one of her students to watch the girls so all 6 of us could go out. It was SO MUCH FUN! We went to a local winery and had some amazing wine and appetizers then headed to a great Italian spot for dinner. I hope we can do a repeat of that weekend again soon!

June 2013: Randoms

This is one of my all time favorite pictures - she looks so sweet and innocent! She was making father's day cards. Sister friend loves herself some art projects. She is her mama's daughter, afterall!

I can't remember exactly why they made me these signs but I think it was becuase I was getting sick and tired of working full time. I know lots of mamas do it, but working full time is such a struggle for our family. I started a new job last April and to orient to the new unit I had to work full time even though my actual job is part-time. It makes is a huge challenge with childcare and my schedule was different every week so we felt all out of whack. I kept these signs up for months and months - just so sweet and special. 

And the rest of our randoms... 

June 2013: Beach Afternoon

We had nothing planned one Saturday so we decided to head to the beach. It was gorgeous - the perfect summer afternoon. Edrie entertained herself with the sand and a new friend and we relaxed. I love that we are so close to the ocean again! 



June 2013: Lindsey's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party


Lindsey is one of my best friends. We've been SUPER close since we met in General Chemistry in college. She's been there for all of my big and little life stuff. And so we were super excited to celebrate her impending wedding.

We did a bridal shower brunch followed by a wine tasting tour in 'vintage' bridesmaid/wedding dresses. We were surely the talk of the town!

June 2013: Giant Salad for Two

Everyday for lunch Grant eats a giant salad. He LOVES them. Even on the weekends he wil typically throw one together in a mixing bowl. Sometimes Edrie will chow down too. This day I caught them in the act and I just die looking at these pictures. SO FREAKING CUTE!


June 2013: Date Night

At some point last spring I was looking for a recent picture of just Grant and I and I couldnt find one anywhere. We used to take pictuers ALL THE TIME (see blog archives pre-Edrie), but now there is someone much cuter to take pictures of. We've been doing better the last year or so at going on regular dates so one night I had G's mom take our picture so we'd a picture that was recent. We're still pretty cute, right??


June 2013: Freedom!

This sweet girl likes to have her clothes off. Last summer it was almost a nightly occurrence for her to run free in the backyard. 


Why are baby bums so cute??


June 2013: Farmer's Market Strawberries


 We spent many a Saturday morning at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. So much great stuff there! This particular morning we decided to get a bunch of strawberries. Someone couldn't wait to try a few.


She was the star of the market - random people were taking pictures of her because she was just mowing those strawberries while we pulled her around. So funny! 


June 2013: Garden


It was so fun to plant and watch our garden grow last summer. It was our first time using our raised beds and we loved them! Here you can see the beginnings of our carrots, strawberries, and broccoli.



Thursday, March 27, 2014

June 2013: Tryon Creek Hike


We spent a day with Holly, Everest and friend at Tryon Creek State park and it was SO NICE! Edrie loved it. I'm cracking up that I put her in a skirt to hike? It was more of a walk, anyway.





It was super beautiful and she loved following the big boys around to check out little nooks and crannies. She looks so small in these pictures!!

May 2013: Rooster Rock State Park

We were itching for things to do on cold/rainy weekends last spring so one weekend we decided to explore Rooster Rock State Park. It was a really fun and random afternoon. We just walked around, played at the playground, and were silly. We said we'd go back soon, but we haven't been back yet. Maybe soon... 



May 2013: Potter & Sid's Wedding


Potter is one of Grant's best friends - he was a groomsman in our wedding and we have been lucky enough to stay a part of his life since. Ironically, I went to high school with Potter and Sid, though we didn't know eachother then. Potter and Sid have a great love story and we are so happy they came back together and we got to share in their wedding day. It was so much fun and SO PRETTY in Silver Falls State Park. Edrie and I only stayed for a few hours and got these pictures but I love them both. A few days after this Potter and Sid made a beautiful baby girl who made her appearance just last month! 


May 2013: Katie's Baby Shower




Katie is one of my best friends from High School - been friends since we were 13. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and she always said she didn't know if she wanted babies, but OH MAN am I glad she decided to go for it. She is an amazing mama! Jill and I threw her a mother daughter brunch on a sunny day in my backyard. At the time we didnt know if baby was a boy or girl, but now we know that Miss Stella is one sweet and beautiful baby. It was so fun to celebrate before her arrival.

May 2013: Mama & Papa Make a Playkitchen

Its quite obvious I struggle to find time to blog, but since my husband (who does very little for fun online) told me it makes him sad I don't blog... I'm going to try to make an effort. So let's see if we can prevent 2013 from being the lost year...

Grant and I both grew up in households where you do things yourself - don't hire people to paint or lay floors, you do it yourself. I'm not always sure this is the most stress-free and fun method, but I do think it adds a little extra layer of pride and often saves money. I guess that is why we set out to make Edrie a play kitchen, instead of buying one of the million available? Pinterest sucked me in and once I mentioned the idea to Grant he was all about it. We decided not to make it a gift for a specific occasion so we could work on it as we had time and felt up to it. He did all the design and building and I just painted and decorated. We both took lots of inspiration from the many DIY playkitchens available online. It was SO FUN to be out in the garage working on this together.

The picture above is the first time she saw it. She was pretty excited. Its fallen in and out of favor since then, but its holding up great! I will say this wasn't super cheap - about $240 total.