Tuesday, December 29, 2009


she is too cute not to share! she grew so much (look at those ears!!) while we were away, but we are back and ready to love on her! hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! be back soon to share arizona pics.

Friday, December 25, 2009


hope you are enjoying this lovely, relaxing time of year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

happy holidays!

tomorrow we leave to meet my mom, step-dad, and brother in phoenix for christmas...we are really excited to see them and the sun, but i am SERIOUSLY sad about leaving Olive. i am so in love with her! i am sure it will be fine and we will both survive, but it is bringing on some serious anxiety! she is still going to remember me, right??

the bright side is that i will be getting some much needed sleep (finals + new puppy have made it rough!) and come back all refreshed...i am sure everyone in this household would appreciate that!

these are pictures from our walk yesterday...the missouri winter brown is coming on...oh joy! really though, we had fun...we thought we were taking olive for a walk, but she was more interested in a nap all bundled in my coat.

i am sure i will be poking in occasionally over the next few weeks, but if not Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! how the heck is it almost 2010?!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

can't get enough...

we've been just hangin' out with baby girl...napping or trying to get a little done when she naps and drinking lots of coffee to cure the constant sense of impending doom that is a result of puppy induced sleep deprivation.

she is sooo worth it though! we are trying to get as much of her as we can before we leave her for a week...its going to be SO HARD!

it snowed here a few days ago...it was her first experience and she seemed to like it.
after we got home from an evening out...i was exhausted!

sweet baby likes to play A LOT...she likes the rope toys the best.

when she isn't playing she is being a sweet angel. luckily my mom sent me some baby blankets she got from a garage sale a few months ago...she loves being all cuddled up.

then when her papa gets home she has a new play partner!

Friday, December 18, 2009

new duds!

Olive has some new duds!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

our girl

born November 5th, 2009
today 6 weeks old . 4lb 11oz

we are head over heels!
we left at 6am to drive 5hours south to Corning, Arkansas to pick our girl up. it sounds far, but a full day with my husband, no school (finished finals yesterday!), coffee, a beautiful sunrise, and the pure anticipation made it SO.MUCH.FUN!

while driving through st. louis there was a sign for olive blvd. i thought it was serendipitous...

this is our girl.

she was SO good in the car. we were bracing for a long ride home, but she just slept and cuddled the whole way! not even one accident (until we got home...)

her favorite spot to curl up is on my shoulders - must be nice and warm and feel safe, because she goes for it every chance she gets! we found it especially cute when she decided it was most comfortable to sleep upside down up there.

sweet baby girl!

OMG...can i tell you how much i adore this? you can tell how small she really is when she is with him!

such a good girl...all curled up in her bed for a nap!

she does not like to be out in the cold. she does her business and then wines and climbs your legs until you take her in.

how the heck are we going to live without her next week when we are in arizona??

told you...she slept the WHOLE way back.

she is so much fun to play with! her legs are still really uncoordinated so its funny to see her try to get crazy on the slippery laminate floors!

after she explored and ate she was tired so we wrapped her all up for a nap.

if this wasn't enough you can see more pictures of our first day here!

Friday, December 11, 2009

pushing through

we are still alive...just barely. between my finals and G's 12+ hour days in the lab we are hanging on by a thread. the exciting news that is keeping us moving along?? we are, as G says, 'starting a family' by getting a puppy !!!

i am SOOOO excited. the quality of the pictures kind of stinks, but one of those little lovies will come home with us after they are weaned in a few weeks. i am partial to the one in the upper right...he/she looks so sweet! they are half boxer and the other half is a mystery. they were born to a stray mama so we will be giving one a good home. can you believe the cuteness???? i am already so in love...remind me of this when i am cursing while wiping dog **it off our new floors. no, but really it will be worth it!

we aren't sure which one will be ours or if it will be a boy or girl...kind of like having a baby the old fashioned way! any name suggestions?

UPDATE: puppy will be coming home THIS thursday!! yay!