Tuesday, July 20, 2010


just in case you were wondering how the cutest member of our household is doing...

she's just as cuddly & sweet as ever... 

Thursday, July 15, 2010


last weekend i took a quick surprise trip to visit my cousin in Louisville, KY. She grew up in Boston and she, her sister, and i always had fun together. We use facebook to keep in touch now, but we hadn't seen eachother in 10 YEARS!! she now lives in louisville and we keep saying we need to get together... i decided to finally make the 6.5 hour trek because my aunt (her mom) and my other cousin (her twin) were coming down from Boston for the weekend AND it was the weekend of the baby shower for her third baby and first BOY-Keats!

Jana & Kara at the shower... so much fun to finally see them!

Idina...Jana's middle baby... SOOO cute!

opening my baby gift!

my mom made her book ends and sent them over... so cute!

the three of us...we had so much fun together as kids! now we are all grown up, married, and even having babies!

right before i left on sunday we all went out to lunch. it was a really fun trip and i'm so glad i made it! i hope i get to go back soon to meet Keats!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


a few weeks ago i was on my way out the door with olive for our evening stroll and saw all these twigs sticking out of the rose tree in our front yard. we had just had a storm so at first i thought the storm caused it, but as i got closer i realized it was a bird's nest. a first was empty, but i kept my eye on it.

a few days later there was a tiny blue egg with brown spots. the next day...there were two...

and then three... and finally FOUR little eggs...

the mama is a northern mockingbird and is very protective of her nest. we've been patiently awaiting the chicks' arrival...trying to stay far enough away but still peeking from time to time. yesterday TWO hatched and today the third!! maybe all the little buggers will be here by tomorrow. i will take pictures when they are a little bigger... they are just balls of fuzz right now!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


i posted a few new pics of our guest/craft room on my other blog... hope you all are having a better start to your week than i am =(

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Camping FINALLY!

Last weekend we took a break from life and went down to the lake to camp with Lainey & Dan. We hadn't been camping in TWO years! Insane since we spent our first two summers together doing nothing else - life has just been so busy the last two years - 2008 planning a wedding & 2009 becoming homeowners and going back to school. The lake is a very popular vacation spot for this part of the country, is beautiful, and is only 2 hours away!

The boys getting our camp set up! We were really nervous about how hot is was supposed to be... 100 + degrees with 90% humidity...but it wasn't that bad. We were right on the water and in the shade so we survived just fine.

Only 2 more months and they will be married!

Rockin' the headlamps!

The boys preparing us breakfast... check-out Grant's mini spatula...soo funny to see him use such a tiny thing.

View from our campsite. We were RIGHT on the lake. Pretty good for $13/night!

We had to leave Olive with friends because we knew we would be on the jet-ski's all day on Saturday. It was a GORGEOUS day to be on the water. The only problem is that we went over 50 miles that day and ended up SO sore, sunburnt, and tired that we couldn't move or recover for DAYS.

half-way through we stopped for lunch at a restaurant on the water! Thanks guys...it was SO fun! Can't wait to go again in 2 weeks!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mom & Tim Come to Missoura - Part Four

I'm back two weeks later with the last installment of my parents' Missouri visit, which was over a month ago! Crazy! Anyway... After we got back from Omaha we cleaned ourselves up and got ready to go out for a nice dinner. Aren't we so cute with our new flowers?? 

We LOOOOVE this place... it is in Rocheport and we have been there before

It is way cute and kitschy! Our table wasn't quite ready so we walked around town a bit....

and had a mini photo shoot!

i love love LOVE this picture of the four of us... we had such an awesome dinner - amazing food and great conversation with some of our favorite people. And then I cried and cried because they left the next morning =(