Saturday, February 25, 2012

5 months


This is totally the opposite of the picture I was trying to get, but I'm in love with it anyway. This is totally Edrie right now.. inquisitive and in love with grabbing her feet and legs. A few things about this little beauty... 

she LOVES to jump in her doorway jumper
she has MASTERED sucking on her toes
she is AMAZING at spraying anyone near her with spit from raspberries
her eyes are becoming even deeper BLUE
her hair is becoming even more RED
her thighs are getting even more ROLLS
she cracks us up with her new trick of shaking her head 'NO' - pretty sure she doesn't know what she is saying, but she thinks its pretty funny. 
has an undying love for OLIVE 

 what else? still no teeth, doesn't roll over much or really ever, but getting closer. she is smiley as all get out, is typically sleeping 6 - 7 hrs straight at night, even if it requires a trip around the block and sleeping upright in the carseat! still not loving a bottle or sippy cup...and only two weeks until mama is back to work!

we just love this little being! she is totally all encompassing and hard and amazing all at once. grant and i constantly look at each other in amazement about how darn cute she is! WE MADE HER! what?!

loving these outtakes...



see the deep blue in her eyes?

kick kick kicking her legs and blowing raspberries

just cute

February Randoms


tuckered out after a morning walk


bright eyes


loves her some sophie


another after walk nap

Baby in a basket

its a baby in a basket!

Edrie & McCords



hangin with her favorite big girls! jane HEARTS edrie... its the cutest thing ever! she'll tell you where edrie should sit and what she should be doing and will grab her head and kiss her over and over. lilly is just as loving...edrie eats it up! 


first valentine's day in her DIY goodness from lindsey!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Moving Day!


Yup...we're all moved in! We'll our stuff is here and some of it is put in places, but nothing is where it is supposed to be and it is driving this typically- hyper- organized person turned scatter- brained mama CRAZY! I'm getting more used to letting things go and just focusing on my sweet-already-growing-up-too-fast girl, but its hard! The good news is that we aren't going to move again for a VERY long time. This is the first time in forever that a move wasn't on the horizon... in hte last year a move has been around the corner every few months and before that it has always been every few years. But we are going to sink some roots, babies, and money into this house. It feels good.

We moved in February 4th and were SO amazingly blessed to have help from much of our family and some good friends. We also had amazingly generous help from family getting the floors refinished. That was no simple task and we are so so grateful. Someday I'll record the story of the floors...such a doozy! They turned out good and I'm thankful that Grant and all his helpers were willing to do it. I hate carpet!


Grant had to get stuff from our storage unit and move all the stuff from my parents house all in one day. It was a huge job, but it got done! I stayed at my parents and got the rest of our stuff packed up and then headed over to hte house to meet him while he unpacked the uhaul from the storage unit. Me and E excited to spend a night in our house. She looks a little skeptical, but we convinced her it was a good idea.


I was pumped to introduce Olive to her new yard! She immediately fell in love! She is a bit less enamorned now that she realizes that my mom didn't move with us. When my mom came to help with Edrie last week Olive didn't leave her side or stop licking her the whole four hours she was here!


Now that we've been in the place a few weeks we have an even better idea of how much we love our neighborhood. It is awesome - I hardly ever get in the car and if I do its for 5 mins or less. The library, post office, coffee shop, vet, restaurants, grocery store, dog park, bike shop, and more are all within walking distance. I never knew how much happier something like that could make my life, but it is already making a great difference. Can't wait til Summer when it will be even more awesome to take advantage of! Grant's commute is also SO MUCH better. Down from 2+ hours each way to less than one! And he gets to ride his bike for part of it which makes him very happy! 

To add to the craziness that is moving with an infant I got a job offer just a few days after we moved in! I'm excited but nervous - mostly about leaving Edrie. Its a seemingly perfect job in a postpartum unit and it will just be 4 night shifts a month unless I want to sign up for more. Once I am able to just do that it will be no big deal - keep my skills up and bring in some extra money... both good things. Bummer is that to start I have to work full time to get me oriented to the unit. Probably about 6-8 weeks of full time! We have been in hyper drive getting Edrie to take a sippy cup (she is still a no go on the bottle) and getting her more used to time with her papa. Since I'll be gone nights we have also started transitioning her out of our bed because co-sleeping with just Grant could be dangerous (they say mamas have a sense for where the baby is but it isn't present in others). There is now a bedtime routine and Grant is doing much of it. There was lots and lots of awful screaming at first, but we made a few adjustments and have had three nights of no crying with 6 hrs of sleep afterwards. We've been putting her in her carseat (after she is already asleep) bc we think she likes to sleep upright. That along with being really bundled seem to help her sleep better. She is SUCH a light sleeper. Never been a big deal bc I don't work and don't mind waking with her, but now that I won't be there with the boob in the middle of the night... we had some changes to make! Oh this life and its constant changes!

Afternoon with Mama and Auntie Lindz


We had a girls afternoon a few weeks ago with Lindsey. We had such a nice and relaxing day and even got a bit of crafting in while Miss E bounced!


Love my girl


Still lookin' so much like her papa



She is a mama's girl...likin' the DB!

Rest of the January Randoms...


Always digs the jumper!

IMG_0922 photo
Stunna' Shades and Reading with papa

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Edrie's First Snow

Ready to get this blog updated again. I can't believe how far behind I've fallen! Life has been insane since we closed on the house, but these posts should get us at least closer to being up to date!


On January 14th we had a bit of snow in Portland and it was Edrie's first experience! Its funny to think about how much more snow this kid would experience if we still lived in Missouri. Remember the snow storm last year, just after I found out I was pregnant??


I will also have you know that I'm very proud of this little snow suit...Its from Children's Place, but I got it second hand from Salvation Army for $1! I feel like that is such a steal! It is super cozy and lined with nice jersey cotton. She wears it daily for our walks with Olive, but she is almost too big for it already!