Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby #2: 18 weeks (June 11, 2014) & 19 weeks (June 18, 2014)

2-2014-06-22 23.07.34

1-2014-06-12 19.32.50

I didn't get a chance to write a post for 18 weeks, but I did (remarkably) take pictures! (pregnant with Edrie at 18 weeks)

Photo thoughts: If this is what 19 weeks looks like… what is 38 weeks going to look like? I feel good, but am slightly concerned about the belly size. (ALTHOUGH, I’m over being TOLD, “you’re bigger than my friend who is due next week” as if that is something you should ever say to anyone… )I do like how all three of us are in this picture though.
Size of baby: A mango! 6 in, 8.5 oz
 Cravings/Aversions:  Been really into fresh fruit still and loving deli sandwiches… I know those are supposed to be off the list, but I feel ok about eating lunch meat when I can just as easily get sick from spinach or a food cart. Otherwise, LOVING the small sips of Grant’s beer I take here and there. Really looking forward to a cold one when this kid is on the other side!

What I'm loving: More discussions in public about the baby and feeling more and more ‘legit’ in my pregnancy. I was big so early I felt weird, but now I’m feeling like I can own it.

What I'm anticipating the most: Nesting in our new house (fingers crossed!!!) Really starting to think about what I want to gather and get and take out for this baby. Its all going to be a cluster in the last few weeks of the pregnancy, but I feel ok with that. I’ll be less ok if we aren’t back in the house…
Missing anything? Fitting in clothes. Feeling like much of what I put on these days is tight in the wrong places. My hips/butt must be enlarging because even some of my yoga pants feel uncomfortable in the butt. Often, I feel like symptoms like this kind of evolve so maybe it will improve??

Worries: 20 week ultrasound coming up and I’m really nervous they will find something. The last thing we need right now is a pregnancy complication. Beyond that I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the baby again.

Differences between pregnancies: Working. When I was pregnant with Edrie we moved early in my second trimester from the Midwest so I didn’t work at this point or further. (And I didn’t have to go back to work until she was 6 months old…) I’m starting to feel the strain after work. My tailbone is SO SORE by the end of my two-day stretch that I can barely sit down and my feet have been very sore. I also think I need to purchase come compression socks to help with my lower leg edema. They are all normal complaints of pregnancy, but just not something I am familiar with because I took it so easy with E. I think I need to do better with self-care…resting at work between pt cares, putting my feet up a bit in the middle of the night to  help with the edema, icing my feet/tailbone between shifts and after, buying the socks. I’m hoping if I work at it a bit I can feel better. I felt pretty rough after just one night this week and it made me start to worry I wouldn’t be able to work all the way through. That would be quite the kink…(edrie at 19 weeks)
How I'm feeling: Really good. Other than the things I feel during/after work I’m mostly just big. Some general exhaustion, heartburn, etc, but mostly just big and good.
Sleep: No real issues. My carpal tunnel has been better the past few weeks so I think I’m sleeping better. I also have that pillow when I need it.
Movement: Kicks are getting MUCH bigger. I’ve felt a few on the outside so I’m just holding my breath until Edrie and Grant feel one. Edrie is going to be so excited when that happens!
The Bump: Just big. Okay with it, but pretty big. People are mostly really gracious and don’t say much about it, but I get the occasional person who likes to scoff and be amazed I’m not having twins. I’ll be interested to see how much weight I’ve gained since my last appointment.  

Milestones: Getting coated in vernix and growing hair! Baby is mostly proportional and has all its just needs to GROW and develop all those parts!

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling baby kicks from the outside of my belly. Pretty amazing to have a human being growing inside of you!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Baby #2: 17 weeks (June 4, 2014)

Size of baby: An Onion! 5 ounces… I feel like we are really having a growth spurt lately

Cravings/Aversions:  Nothing is really bothering me or not. I guess I’m craving more greasy/bad for you food than anything else, but still eating and enjoying lots of healthy stuff too. I did notice that potato chips do not sit well and at this time with Edrie I had wicked heartburn, which hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe this baby will be a baldy!

What I'm loving: The big belly. Its seriously getting SO BIG. Having some growth spurts lately. Also had a few uncomfortable and emotional days making me realize I still have a long road!

What I'm anticipating the most: Summer pregnant!  No worries about sucking it in!! HA!
Missing anything? I’m over alcohol-its been so long I’m realizing I don’t even miss it anymore. I’m back to coffee daily… kind of wish I’d kick that habit.

Worries: Had a few days were I haven’t felt as many kicks and started to really worry, but I’ve always been happily surprised by a kick. When I check the heartrate with the Doppler its always right there. I’m doing that less and less – maybe every other week or so since I can feel baby.

Differences between pregnancies: Feeling good like I did with Edrie – just everything is happening sooner – bigger, carpal tunnel, etc. Glad to be avoiding the heart burn though!  Pregnant with Edrie at 17 weeks
How I'm feeling: Good, most days. I had one day last week where I felt like I remember feeling toward the end of my pregnancy with Edrie – like I couldn’t push my belly out of my lungs. Just really full and tight up high. Must have been a growth spurt day, because I’ve been feeling better. Days like that scare me because I still have 5 months! I’m also trying to start thinking about what we will need/want before baby comes and what the nursery will look like.
Sleep: Not actively or fully waking but I think my carpal tunnel is affecting me because my hands are numb in the morning and I don’t feel well rested. I bought a snoogle body pillow to help position myself a bit better and am going to try arnica cream and ice to see if they help.
Movement: Love feeling baby move and its still very obvious kicks! Helps me feel more connected and a good reminder of why I’m so big!   
The Bump: Still big and getting bigger. Its definitely firming up which I appreciate…not a big fan of huge, squishy belly. I’m full time in maternity clothes and loving that – they are so comfortable! Makes up for the discomfort that pregnancy brings!

Milestones: Turning cartilage into bone and starting to make sweat glands!

Best Moment of the Week: When Edrie asks to ‘cuddle with my baby’ its so cute. She wraps herself around my belly and talks about the baby and how she wishes it would come out. She is fully convinced it’s a girl… gonna be a bit of a turn around if it’s a boy!   

Baby #2: 16 weeks (May 28, 2014)

1-2014-06-10 22.13.19

Size of baby: An Avocado! 4.5inches and 3.5 ounces! Getting bigger!

Cravings/Aversions:  I’m just really into food. I want to eat all day. Still figuring out what works for lunch and I NEED to work on making dinners more. The kitchen in this apartment sicks me out and doesn’t encourage cooking. Plus, we can’t grill here – we have to get food to grill at the house so we aren’t doing it very much.

What I'm loving: Feeling legitimately pregnant. I was so big so early I almost felt like I was faking it. Now it feels more warranted. I also love that Edrie totally gets this whole thing. She’s still wrapping her head around why baby can’t come out, but she totally gets that we are having a baby and that its already impacting her/our life.

What I'm anticipating the most: Getting to enjoy our new house with all FOUR of us. I can’t imagine how different it will feel to be in our house this time around. Its going to feel so clean. I never decorated or did much with Edrie on the floor because everything felt so impermanent and dirty. I think it will feel much more homey and CLEAN. Can’t wait.
Missing anything? Not really. Feeling good about coffee again so I can’t really complain.

Worries: Been more worried about something big and bad showing up at the 20 week ultrasound. Or something happening after that. I think that has a lot to do with my work – I just see all the possibilities and I know they are rare, but I don’t know what we will do if something happens to us. I already always feel like we are maxing out our stress level.

Differences between pregnancies: Just that I’m bigger than I was with her and its hard to think specifically about this babe. All day is all about Edrie so my evenings are the only times I have think on baby and half the time I’m too tired, other days I’m at work, and then there are the rare nights I spend searching double strollers, dreaming up a nursery. Pregnant with E at 16 weeks.
How I'm feeling: Good. Still having numb hands and night and they feel tight and puffy in the morning. I better start knitting for this kid or my hands will be incapable! My tailbone is really tender feeling – which is new for me. I was really emotional mid-week…ups and downs come out of the blue when I’m pregnant. I HATE thinking about having another c-section.  Just tired of surgeries. It will be my third abdominal surgery in 3 years and with more kids that number will just keep creeping up. I had an appointment and had the same conversation I’ve had with the OB before and she confirmed that if I go into labor and its quick and baby is ready to come out before they get set-up for a section she will deliver me, but there is no safe way to labor with that scar at the top of my uterus. I’ve seen what happens when a uterus ruptures and baby outcomes are not good. Mama outcomes are bad too. Just hard to think about surgery every time you want a baby. In general, my biggest risk from that scar is preterm labor and that really freaks me out more than the idea of a c-section. I just need to pray baby doesn’t realize the scar is there.
Sleep: No complaints!  
Movement: About halfway through this week I started feeling legitimate KICKS. They are not super often but they are unmistakable. I’ve been snacking on popscicles and frozen blueberries in bed at night and baby really starts getting going when the cold hits. So funny.  
The Bump: BIG and round. People at work just laugh at me. I must have the weakest abs in all of history. I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to work on that more after this baby is out

Milestones: Has finger and toenails! Is covered in lanugo and has tastebuds!!

Best Moment of the Week: Big kicks… keep ‘em coming babe!!  

August 2013: The Meenderings Come to Town

 I almost died when Jess called to tell me she had a conference in Portland and that she was bringing her whole crew! We hadn't seen eachother in YEARS and I'd yet to meet Grifynn! We had a great week together - we spent a windy day at the Oregon Coast, some great dinners out (that we survived with 3 kids!), and even had a reunion BBQ with our old UO Crew. I so wish we got to see them more, but we always vow that after our kids are grown or at least older, we will make more trips and visits! You can scroll through the pics above to see our full week!