Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby #2: 18 weeks (June 11, 2014) & 19 weeks (June 18, 2014)

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1-2014-06-12 19.32.50

I didn't get a chance to write a post for 18 weeks, but I did (remarkably) take pictures! (pregnant with Edrie at 18 weeks)

Photo thoughts: If this is what 19 weeks looks like… what is 38 weeks going to look like? I feel good, but am slightly concerned about the belly size. (ALTHOUGH, I’m over being TOLD, “you’re bigger than my friend who is due next week” as if that is something you should ever say to anyone… )I do like how all three of us are in this picture though.
Size of baby: A mango! 6 in, 8.5 oz
 Cravings/Aversions:  Been really into fresh fruit still and loving deli sandwiches… I know those are supposed to be off the list, but I feel ok about eating lunch meat when I can just as easily get sick from spinach or a food cart. Otherwise, LOVING the small sips of Grant’s beer I take here and there. Really looking forward to a cold one when this kid is on the other side!

What I'm loving: More discussions in public about the baby and feeling more and more ‘legit’ in my pregnancy. I was big so early I felt weird, but now I’m feeling like I can own it.

What I'm anticipating the most: Nesting in our new house (fingers crossed!!!) Really starting to think about what I want to gather and get and take out for this baby. Its all going to be a cluster in the last few weeks of the pregnancy, but I feel ok with that. I’ll be less ok if we aren’t back in the house…
Missing anything? Fitting in clothes. Feeling like much of what I put on these days is tight in the wrong places. My hips/butt must be enlarging because even some of my yoga pants feel uncomfortable in the butt. Often, I feel like symptoms like this kind of evolve so maybe it will improve??

Worries: 20 week ultrasound coming up and I’m really nervous they will find something. The last thing we need right now is a pregnancy complication. Beyond that I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the baby again.

Differences between pregnancies: Working. When I was pregnant with Edrie we moved early in my second trimester from the Midwest so I didn’t work at this point or further. (And I didn’t have to go back to work until she was 6 months old…) I’m starting to feel the strain after work. My tailbone is SO SORE by the end of my two-day stretch that I can barely sit down and my feet have been very sore. I also think I need to purchase come compression socks to help with my lower leg edema. They are all normal complaints of pregnancy, but just not something I am familiar with because I took it so easy with E. I think I need to do better with self-care…resting at work between pt cares, putting my feet up a bit in the middle of the night to  help with the edema, icing my feet/tailbone between shifts and after, buying the socks. I’m hoping if I work at it a bit I can feel better. I felt pretty rough after just one night this week and it made me start to worry I wouldn’t be able to work all the way through. That would be quite the kink…(edrie at 19 weeks)
How I'm feeling: Really good. Other than the things I feel during/after work I’m mostly just big. Some general exhaustion, heartburn, etc, but mostly just big and good.
Sleep: No real issues. My carpal tunnel has been better the past few weeks so I think I’m sleeping better. I also have that pillow when I need it.
Movement: Kicks are getting MUCH bigger. I’ve felt a few on the outside so I’m just holding my breath until Edrie and Grant feel one. Edrie is going to be so excited when that happens!
The Bump: Just big. Okay with it, but pretty big. People are mostly really gracious and don’t say much about it, but I get the occasional person who likes to scoff and be amazed I’m not having twins. I’ll be interested to see how much weight I’ve gained since my last appointment.  

Milestones: Getting coated in vernix and growing hair! Baby is mostly proportional and has all its just needs to GROW and develop all those parts!

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling baby kicks from the outside of my belly. Pretty amazing to have a human being growing inside of you!

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