Friday, June 13, 2014

Baby #2: 17 weeks (June 4, 2014)

Size of baby: An Onion! 5 ounces… I feel like we are really having a growth spurt lately

Cravings/Aversions:  Nothing is really bothering me or not. I guess I’m craving more greasy/bad for you food than anything else, but still eating and enjoying lots of healthy stuff too. I did notice that potato chips do not sit well and at this time with Edrie I had wicked heartburn, which hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe this baby will be a baldy!

What I'm loving: The big belly. Its seriously getting SO BIG. Having some growth spurts lately. Also had a few uncomfortable and emotional days making me realize I still have a long road!

What I'm anticipating the most: Summer pregnant!  No worries about sucking it in!! HA!
Missing anything? I’m over alcohol-its been so long I’m realizing I don’t even miss it anymore. I’m back to coffee daily… kind of wish I’d kick that habit.

Worries: Had a few days were I haven’t felt as many kicks and started to really worry, but I’ve always been happily surprised by a kick. When I check the heartrate with the Doppler its always right there. I’m doing that less and less – maybe every other week or so since I can feel baby.

Differences between pregnancies: Feeling good like I did with Edrie – just everything is happening sooner – bigger, carpal tunnel, etc. Glad to be avoiding the heart burn though!  Pregnant with Edrie at 17 weeks
How I'm feeling: Good, most days. I had one day last week where I felt like I remember feeling toward the end of my pregnancy with Edrie – like I couldn’t push my belly out of my lungs. Just really full and tight up high. Must have been a growth spurt day, because I’ve been feeling better. Days like that scare me because I still have 5 months! I’m also trying to start thinking about what we will need/want before baby comes and what the nursery will look like.
Sleep: Not actively or fully waking but I think my carpal tunnel is affecting me because my hands are numb in the morning and I don’t feel well rested. I bought a snoogle body pillow to help position myself a bit better and am going to try arnica cream and ice to see if they help.
Movement: Love feeling baby move and its still very obvious kicks! Helps me feel more connected and a good reminder of why I’m so big!   
The Bump: Still big and getting bigger. Its definitely firming up which I appreciate…not a big fan of huge, squishy belly. I’m full time in maternity clothes and loving that – they are so comfortable! Makes up for the discomfort that pregnancy brings!

Milestones: Turning cartilage into bone and starting to make sweat glands!

Best Moment of the Week: When Edrie asks to ‘cuddle with my baby’ its so cute. She wraps herself around my belly and talks about the baby and how she wishes it would come out. She is fully convinced it’s a girl… gonna be a bit of a turn around if it’s a boy!   

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