Thursday, October 3, 2013

April 2013: Randoms



big KISS



April 2013: Mama & Edrie

Oh man this kid! Love her. As I mentioned, I started a new job in April. I'm now working in a NICU which is what I've been missing since we left Missouri over 2 years ago. It was nice to be in a less acute setting, but I was ready to make the leap back since E is a little older and is ok to be away from mama. It was a harry few months working full-time (they make you work full time to orient to the unit), mostly because 1. we aren't used to us both working that much and 2. it was temporary so the childcare situation was a shit show. BUT we got through it and in July I went to my part-time schedule and I LOVE IT. I work Sunday & Monday nights every week. My old hospital didn't offer that amount of consistency and there was no opportunity for part-time, except PRN nursing (which I was and didn't enjoy). All-in-all I'm very happy with the switch, but agh I'm OVER changing jobs. 

All that was to say that in April my girl and I were MISSING EACH OTHER! Seriously - those first few weeks of 9-5 were so hard. I know people do it all the time and everyone is fine - its just a big switch for us. Anyway - I got out early one day and we took these silly pictures and I just adore them. 

April 2013: Balance Bike

I came home from the grocery store one afternoon to find them like this. It felt like one of those things that is quintessential of your dreams of family life. I just started crying... couldn't help myself. Of course, its never happened since bc E is deathly afraid of the bike falling over. We may be getting a traditional trike soon... 


April 2013: Singin'

This kid LOOOVES herself some music. The day I discovered kid's CDs was the day we all drove peacefully around town. She especailly loves Mr. Ben...

This is just cute... Mama shamelessly trying to get her to sing while she watches herself on the video...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

April 2013: Garden Planting

Edrie LOVED helping in the garden this year. She seriously played in the dirt independently for almost an hour this day. IT WAS AMAZING! The rest of the summer she loved watering and then picking unripe tomatoes...


April 2013: Easter

Gonna finally update this blog... Every time I start a new job I fall off the wagon. I'll try harder to keep up after this. Otherwise I'm gonna just have to drop the blog all together! I just love having it to look back on though! These updates are mostly going to be in slideshow format for quickness, but I'll probably pull out a few of my favorite pics too.

ANYWAY - OMG look at my kid - she is TOO tiny in these pictures... 6 months really makes a difference huh?! Our Easter was simple and awesome. I made E a Maggie Rabbit from Alicia Paulson's kit and it turned out amazing and was SO easy! Love it!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

March 2013: Randoms

IMG_0683 IMG_0410




grants dream... sharing a giant salad with his daughter


yo yo yo


love this with all the grey and bright pink



she loves 'swimmin' in the tub lately

IMG_0897 IMG_0899

at her 18 mo check up




she is oddly obsessed with wearing my underwear on her head or around her neck. we've managed to deter her from going out in public like this... 


still a great eater!


loves her some balloons


this is one of her 'funny faces' she peers over at you with her face all scrunched up


enjoying the cherryblossoms while mama sleeps



always goin on walks... 



SHE LOVES KETCHUP and fries and anything awful for you...


Olive knew the minute we brought this home it was for her. sly dog!


look how good those berries look - they were picked last August!


I've had fresh flowers in our house every week lately...makes me so happy!

one for for me


she is such a PILL to get to take a nap.. but i love this picture. I worked really hard for that sleep. 


our poor, neglected, first daughter


looooove this one


homemade play dough!


no longer fearful of the sand!

hilarious! at piazza italia for grandpa's birthday!

she's all pro at going down the stairs as long as she has a railing or a hand

she's a shoe girl! 

still loves puddles... she has worn a hole in the bottom of those boots. she refuses to wear any other shoes lately! 

PS I'm gonna post Easter pics as "april" bc it felt like it should have been in april and i havent' uploaded them yet! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

March 2013: First 'Official' Haircut


Edrie REALLY needed a haircut - it was really long in the back, short on the sides, and all very uneven. We went to Little Clippers in Lake Oswego. They were great, if not a little overpriced... 


She, of course, was obsessed with all the  car barbur seats. 




She did awesome staying still and not hitting the lady away, which is what she does to me when I try to do her hair. 



March 2013: Grant's 32nd Birthday


We had a low-key birthday celebration a few weeks ago - baloons, cake, and appetizers. Our family came and I think we all had a great time! 

IMG_0665 IMG_0684