Wednesday, October 2, 2013

April 2013: Easter

Gonna finally update this blog... Every time I start a new job I fall off the wagon. I'll try harder to keep up after this. Otherwise I'm gonna just have to drop the blog all together! I just love having it to look back on though! These updates are mostly going to be in slideshow format for quickness, but I'll probably pull out a few of my favorite pics too.

ANYWAY - OMG look at my kid - she is TOO tiny in these pictures... 6 months really makes a difference huh?! Our Easter was simple and awesome. I made E a Maggie Rabbit from Alicia Paulson's kit and it turned out amazing and was SO easy! Love it!



Lana said...

Stumbled upon your blog after googleing onesie baby shower cookies. The cookies looked amazing and then I took a few minutes to look at more recent posts. What a beautiful family you have. It definitely seems like you folks love life and love each other. Continue having fun its what life is all about.

Holly and Everest said...

Absolutely LOVE the bunny. She will cherish the momma made gifts.