Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blueberry Goodness


We loved our berries so much last year, that we bought another membership to Klock farm! What a difference a year makes... from giant belly to 11 month old babe!


We've gone three times total and Edrie has enjoyed each visit to the farm. She is mostly in it for the immediate berries, but I'm sure she'll appreciate the bounty we have all winter long!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wedding Planning Has Commenced!

The Bride-To-Be let us accompany her on a visit to a few wedding venues! Mama Cath took this cute picture! SO EXCITED!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

July Randoms


This is a face she makes often. Its a combination of looking at us like "you are an idiot" and "you are hilarious" mixed in with a little shyness. I love all her facial expressions.

I could seriously watch this video over and over all day long - I find it so freaking adorable and funny. Love her dance moves!


First Nike's


I dread the day that this is not her favorite nap spot. love my sleepy cuddles


loves bath time



Somewhere around the middle of July she really mastered this butt scoot. She hasn't and probably won't crawl, but this seems to allow her to get around until she totally masters walking. She will still squawk if you are in the other room and she wants to be with you. I usually have to coax her to come to me... lazy little girl!

And to document what a good eater she is. Tacos.. no problem mama!

Jamison Square with Nana


We made another trip to Jamison square with my mom a few weeks ago. Baby girl loved every minute of it. She'd gladly stay in the water the whole time, but we have to take breaks because bending over kills the back!



She Said Yes!


July 15th one of my dearest friends got the surprise of a lifetime... an engagement and a surprise party right afterward! Hillary and Cory hosted with a bit of an assist by me.


Gotta have a cookie cake!


So cute, huh??



About to be surprised!


Tears of joy!


Beautiful bling!

552342_10100540731247156_890513693_n 556661_10100540731077496_986789846_n

Bling and my baby?! Not much more to love!


So happy!


Congrats Dan and Lindsey!


All the girls showing off our rings...Edrie even tried to get in on the action!

Let the wedding planning begin!

10 Months


Better get this post up before she is 11 months! Oh man... little lady is growing up too fast already! What to tell you... when she turned 10 months she was most known for her signature has a very cute wrist flap that I'm trying to catch on camera! She also had been getting lots of comments about what a social girl she is. I definitely think its true - her father's daughter for sure! She was also very into toddling all around with TWO adult hands. At the time she'd refuse to do the one handed assist (she's since graduated). I also wrote in my letter to her that it was becoming very apparent how much of what we were saying she understood. If we told her 'no' or 'be gentle' she scrunches up her face and looks upset. If I'd ask her to 'go find papa' she'd start looking around. So awesome...I love that we can communicate! 

I wish I'd gotten this post up 'on time' so I can really recall what she was like three weeks ago. She is changing at an incredible rate lately. Becoming less baby-ish every day. Her personality is becoming more and more apparent and her hair is going from strawberry blonde to straight blonde. So funny...I never dreamed I'd have a blondy! 

Keep up the growing baby girl. We love it!  

Backyard Overhaul: In Progress


About a month ago my step-dad, Tim very generously offered to re-landscape our backyard for us. We are still overwhelmed by the generosity! Each weekend he and Grant have been working non-stop back there. We've had help from other family and friends as well as Mom and I when we aren't on baby duty. You can see our little mascot for the project above...she's showing off the main patio pavers.



These are the before pictures..a big weedy, overgrown jungle. This one is looking toward the backyard from the house.


To the right from the house


Looking back toward the house from the back of the yard


Also from the back looking across the yard


Step one: Tear (almost) every bit of vegetation out. A LOT OF WORK!


There was so much yard debris it all had to go in a dumpster!


The mascot likes grapes.


To be sure it would all fit we had to gather the vegetation and then mom and I cut it up as we added it to the bin.


After all the big stuff, the boys started removing all the grass. Heavy work!


Huge progress! This is still the first weekend!


Chopping with a sleeping babe.


The yard became a dust pit! Can you believe the difference?! Think about all the green in the before its all brown!


Step two: Til soil and remove 1 million rocks to level places for patios.


They did that and then dug a few inches down to get the area ready for patio pavers.


They also dug a little trench for a retaining wall because the back part of the yard (where we want grass) slopes up quite a bit.


Weekend number retaining wall and lay two large patios...


Olive and Baby cakes were his trusty assistants.




Next up...pressure washing fences, sidewalks, house and making use of all the rocks in a french drain! We are a few weekends ahead of this so I'll do anohter post or two soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012



This kid LOVES herself some water to play in! The July and August warm weather has provided her with lots of opportunities to play in her pool (thanks Nana!) and at splash pads around town. 


I love the patagonia baby bucket freaking cute!


Nice teeth and smile baby girl!


this last one is at the peninsula park splash pad