Saturday, November 20, 2010

the big move


The first day I started working in STL I met another new NICU nurse looking for a roommate - we decided to try apartment hunting together. We ended up finding a cute, affordable, apartment in Soulard. STL has neighborhoods or boroughs kind of like other big cities, each with its own personality and flair. Soulard has old buildings, a dog park, a HUGE farmer's market, restaurants, and lots of charm. 


at the end of September we loaded up our truck... did I tell you about how we had to buy a second car since I would be living part time elsewhere? Well we did - we found this newish truck for a steal and bought it. Sadly, the nice woman who sold it to us died a few days after so we don't even know if she got her commission =(


These are a few pics I took with my phone before we moved in the apartment - it has two floors and we have the whole bottom floor - this is from the front door - the living/dining room and into the kitchen. 


this is the little side/backyard that olive likes to run around in. we also take her on walks to the dog park which she adores!


the kitchen. 

it is SOOOOOOOOO weird to live in two places and to be back to living  with a roommate, but I think we have done the best we can with the cards we were dealt. It is still hard not to think about how much easier our life would have been had I passed that personality test and got the job in the Columbia NICU. We just hope it all has a reason and purpose we just can't see yet... 

Friday, November 19, 2010



September 20, 2010 marked two years from the day we got married. Can you believe that? It seems to have flown by, but also been two of the hardest years we've had yet which made it drag too. This night we planned a date in STL - I had a hotel room there for the week because it was only my second week working at Children's and still didn't have a place to stay. Some of my new coworkers suggested a few restaurants and I made reservations for dinner here (delicious) and for dessert here (OMG! intense!). 


We had a really nice night. Its only been two months and I can already look back and see how much we needed it - it was amongst weeks and weeks of Grant traveling all over the country for work, us making this huge life decision for me to work so far from our home, and me starting  a new job. I'm not going to lie - the past few months, year? have been hard. really hard. We have been dealt some heavy blows, tried to make the best of them, and are still left wondering if we made/are making the right decisions. But the good thing is that now matter how many times we argue, cry, and worry we come back and take the next step together. I can only hope life will get easier, but somehow I don't think it does - maybe we just learn how to better deal with it? 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bratt Rehearsal & Wedding!


Just a few days prior to our two year wedding anniversary we got to celebrate two of our favorite people getting married here in Columbia! This was the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner... he sells tractors so it is a perfect fit! The same lady that made my graduation cake made this one.


Grant playing with Madison - so cute!


Michele, Lainey, and I having fun at the dinner - so excited for the next day!


The beautiful bride post hair and make up ready and waiting to put her dress on!


Here we are after the ceremony and relaxing at the reception - it was such a nice evening.


first dance!


Grant was kind of the MC for the night so they were discussing how to announce the bouquet and garter toss.


the boys sharing a cigar on the patio!

My pictures do this wedding no justice so check out the photographer's website for a better look! Congrats Lainey and Dan - You've already been married two months!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ducks in Tennessee


Now I'm REALLY going to get our blog all caught up.... In September Grant was lucky enough to take a road trip with Brett, Beth, and Potter to see the Ducks slaughter Tennessee! I hear it was a fabulous time.




So happy when he gets to take a break from work and enjoy time with friends and Oregon football!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Puppy!

olive is one

Okay so I totally gave in and got Olive treats on her actual birthday before we made the trek to STL so I could work that night. Grant was still out of town, but I felt like she needed something on her big day. I went to the local puppy bakery and got her a special birthday bone and a new that she supposedly can't tear up in two seconds flat. 

olive is one

needless to say, she was VERY interested in what I had for her! she is so naughty and not supposed to get up there, but so freakin' cute!!

olive is one

she liked it A LOT! 

olive is one

when I also put the toy down she didnt' know what to do. she kept looking at me like, 'what do you expect me to do with all this good fortune?!' and then would go back to alternating between biting the toy and the bone. 

olive is one

we missed celebrating with papa, BUT i think she had a good birthday! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

she is ONE!

can you believe our little girl turns ONE YEAR OLD today? that blows my mind! remember the day we got her and she didn't even weigh she is a giant in comparison! she has added lots of chaos and sometimes turmoil to this little life of ours, but SO much love and laughter too. we really REALLY can't imagine life without her. grant is out of town so we are planning a little birthday celebration when he gets back - a little cake, some toys, maybe even a birthday hat! 

we love you little poliver - happy 1st birthday!