Friday, November 19, 2010



September 20, 2010 marked two years from the day we got married. Can you believe that? It seems to have flown by, but also been two of the hardest years we've had yet which made it drag too. This night we planned a date in STL - I had a hotel room there for the week because it was only my second week working at Children's and still didn't have a place to stay. Some of my new coworkers suggested a few restaurants and I made reservations for dinner here (delicious) and for dessert here (OMG! intense!). 


We had a really nice night. Its only been two months and I can already look back and see how much we needed it - it was amongst weeks and weeks of Grant traveling all over the country for work, us making this huge life decision for me to work so far from our home, and me starting  a new job. I'm not going to lie - the past few months, year? have been hard. really hard. We have been dealt some heavy blows, tried to make the best of them, and are still left wondering if we made/are making the right decisions. But the good thing is that now matter how many times we argue, cry, and worry we come back and take the next step together. I can only hope life will get easier, but somehow I don't think it does - maybe we just learn how to better deal with it?