Saturday, November 20, 2010

the big move


The first day I started working in STL I met another new NICU nurse looking for a roommate - we decided to try apartment hunting together. We ended up finding a cute, affordable, apartment in Soulard. STL has neighborhoods or boroughs kind of like other big cities, each with its own personality and flair. Soulard has old buildings, a dog park, a HUGE farmer's market, restaurants, and lots of charm. 


at the end of September we loaded up our truck... did I tell you about how we had to buy a second car since I would be living part time elsewhere? Well we did - we found this newish truck for a steal and bought it. Sadly, the nice woman who sold it to us died a few days after so we don't even know if she got her commission =(


These are a few pics I took with my phone before we moved in the apartment - it has two floors and we have the whole bottom floor - this is from the front door - the living/dining room and into the kitchen. 


this is the little side/backyard that olive likes to run around in. we also take her on walks to the dog park which she adores!


the kitchen. 

it is SOOOOOOOOO weird to live in two places and to be back to living  with a roommate, but I think we have done the best we can with the cards we were dealt. It is still hard not to think about how much easier our life would have been had I passed that personality test and got the job in the Columbia NICU. We just hope it all has a reason and purpose we just can't see yet... 

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Jonas and Janelle said...

Fun to see your apartment and G's new truck! I like the little Olive green space :)