Friday, May 30, 2014

Aug 2013: Camping at Timothy Lake

I'd never been to Timothy Lake, but I AM IN LOVE. I seriously can't wait to go back there and I hope when we do we have a kayak or canoe, because it was all I could do to resist stealing a boat to go out on the beautiful water! Grant and Ethan had the idea to spend a weekend camping out here...I was skeptical because they didn't really know where they were going and they were going out early in the morning and us ladies were meeting up later after they secured a camp site (there are no reservable spots here). Anyway, long story short - I thought I was going to run out of gas alone in the car with Edrie in the middle of the woods without phone service, but we all eventually found eachother and had an amazing weekend! I'm kind of obsessed with the pictures from this trip so bear with me... 


 she is happiest when we are camping and she can be off-leash all weekend! 




I'm in love with the foggy early morning lake. So perfect!





















Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aug 2013: Jill's Bachelorette

Jill and I met in FOURTH grade. Its hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we have been friends for so long, but its true. She is a tried and true friend who knows me better than most and still puts up with me. We can still laugh so hard it hurts and cry at the drop of a hat. I was lucky enough to get to go to her wedding festivities last summer. We spent a weekend in a fabulous beach house with all her closest girls for her bachelorette party. It was my first weekend away from Edrie and we were still nursing so it was kind of hard, but we all had a great time! Scroll through the pictures above to see the fun!

July 2013: Oxbow Dinner Date

back to an attempt to get the blog up-to-date...


I fell in love with Oxbow Park on the Sandy River last summer - its close enough to home to spend the day or evening there, but also feels like a little retreat. The only bummer is that Olive can't join us there. Anyway, one evening last summer we took our little grill, some dinner fixings, and ourselves out for dinner on the river. It was magical. I hope we get to do it again this summer...




IMG_1821 IMG_1822




Baby #2: 14 & 15 Weeks

1-2014-05-22 18.22.11
  1-2014-05-10 18.15.26-1

I never got around to writing a post last week. But it was more of the same – gradual increase in size, gradually feeling less queasy and starting to feel some flutters! 

2-2014-05-28 23.58.50

Photo thoughts: Continue to get bigger! Feeling more like I’m not totally HUGE for how far along I am, but maybe I’m kidding myself?
Size of baby: An Orange! About 4 inches crown to rump!

Cravings/Aversions: Feeling SO MUCH BETTER! No real issues with food. I’m eating more regularly and not as ravenously, coffee is back in the rotation full force. A barista asked me if I wanted my latte decaf…I scoffed. Baby can deal so mama can survive ;) I still love fruit, but no other big cravings.
What I'm loving: People asking more and more about baby – they must be confident I’m pregnant. Talking and thinking more about plans, names, nurseries, and deciding we won’t find out the sex. It feels good to have that decision made! Oh and I went maternity clothes shopping ALONE on Mother’s Day and it was SO nice. I got a good starter wardrobe that feels much better than I felt before. I got a pair of skinny jeans and a swim suit. I never had a swim suit when I was pregnant with Edrie, but I’m excited to feel covered up when I take E to the river and pool this year! I also snagged a few tanks and a skirt!

What I'm anticipating the most: HOLDING THIS KID! One of my best friends had her second last week and I’m dying seeing her as a mother of two. Can’t wait to be in that boat. I’m really excited to see Edrie as a big sister and to do the newborn thing again with Grant. The sleeplessness sucks, but the squishy newborn that has no real opinion will make up for it.
Missing anything? Just the drinking. Its so hard for me to not have A DRINK when we go out or when its been a long day. Everything else I don’t really ascribe to – I still eat lunch meat occasionally, still have coffee, etc, so its just alcohol. Soon I’ll miss being able to see my lower half, but that’s not yet an issue.

Worries: That we won’t be back in our house in time for baby or in time for us to feel settled before the baby comes. It would not be the end of the world, but it would make life less calm. This apartment is totally doable, but not ideal and making room for another living being would be difficult.

Differences between pregnancies: Feeling more and more like I remember being with Edrie. I feel great. I know it’s the second trimester and everyone feels good, but its good to feel good! (Pregnancy #1 14weeks/15weeks)
How I'm feeling: Really great. Huge, but otherwise good. And I feel like my face is already puffing out. SCARY. I’m also feeling like carpal tunnel is coming back. I had it bad with Edrie and it started by waking up in the middle of the night with numb hands. I had a few instances of that this week so I’m not looking forward to that.  
Sleep: Great… sleeping great during the day between shifts and when I flip back I sleep well at night. I took a nap while Edrie napped in the stroller today and it was seriously amazing. Just an hour makes such a difference.
Movement: DEFINITLY feeling little flutters. I have to be focusing and they are small, but there. SO FUN! Can not wait for G and E to feel them.
The Bump: Its starting to get firm on the bottom as my uterus grows out of the pelvis. Makes it feel less like chub and more like BABY!
both my babes...she is going to have a nice resting place the bigger I get!  

Milestones: Baby is breathing amniotic fluid in and out of his little lungs now! So mature of it!

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling baby move has been so great. I haven’t felt as connected to baby because I’m more distracted and don’t have as much time to dream, but the flutters remind me someone is in there. I like the reminder!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Baby #2: 13 weeks

Photo thoughts: Don’t think I’m getting any smaller!!
Size of baby: A peach!

Cravings/Aversions: Feeling better, maybe?? The last few days I haven’t been as senstitive to what I eat and haven’t felt as crappy after eating. I am still liking more fresh food. In fact, someone had a jamba juice at work this week and I can’t stop thinking about it. Getting one tomorrow! Coffee still sounds gross.
What I'm loving: Talking more about baby and plans. Thinking about whether we want to find out the sex. Edrie giving baby hugs. Its feeling more real.

What I'm anticipating the most: 2nd trimester! A real baby bump and getting some clothes soon so I don’t feel so frumpy!
Missing anything? I would love a good cocktail or blended margarita. As soon as this kid is out I think I’m getting a blended margarita with chips and guac!

Worries: Being a NICU nurse, I think I fear the worse. I keep thinking that now in development is when the intestines move from outside the body to inside and I just really want them to end up inside! A little nervous our house won’t be done in time, but I am trying to remember that the nursery doesn’t have to be perfect and that all babies really need is a boob and clean diapers with a few blankets.

Differences between pregnancies: Still bigger and can’t believe how much more challenging pregnancy is with a kid to take care of. I’m so big that a woman in the elevator at work told me she knew the baby was a boy and when I responded I’m only 12 weeks she laughed and then her and a friend got off and I could hear them talking about how huge I was for 12 weeks. Granted… I’m EXTRA big after a 12 hour night shift… for those that don’t know…working at night makes people bloat. I get so bloated and gross by the time I’m going home.
How I'm feeling: Better. Loving the reassurance of the Doppler to check on baby whenever I want.
Sleep: Maybe not as exhausted, but I still want as much sleep as possible.
Movement: Thinking I might be feeling something, but not totally sure. I’ve been trying to carefully assess, but when I stop to do that I feel nothing so hard to say.

The Bump: Thinking I’m going to go shopping this week… my poor husband is not a fan of that idea.

Milestones: 2nd trimester!! That’s such a huge milestone!!

Best Moment of the Week: Getting back into prenatal yoga! I went most of my pregnancy with Edrie to this great class at Matt Dishman Community Center and the same teacher still teaches so I went back this week and loved it. I need to get a sitter lined up so I can keep going because it starts before Grant gets home.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baby #2: 12 weeks

Photo thoughts: Still looking big and generally feel a bit frumpy and embarrassed. I like having a baby bump, but this early it just makes me feel like I wasn’t thin to begin with. Hoping things even out.
Size of baby: A plum! Since we saw baby this week I know that he was specifically 6cm from crown to rump – about 2.3 inches! It is so crazy, because if you look at the ultrasound pictures it looks so much bigger than that! We could count fingers and see it moving all over. It continues to work on finishing forming all its major body systems and has lots of reflexes developing this week.

Cravings/Aversions: Still into most of the same things. I can eat anything, but nothing really sounds good. Big meals usually make me feel pukey after, but I’m so hungry I usually want to eat a lot.  The main gist: I’m mostly into fresh fruit and am generally famished all day.

What I'm loving: Loved getting to see that baby had all four limbs, is growing on schedule and everything appears healthy at this point. I think it looks just like Edrie did at 12 weeks, which is fun to think about.  I am also obsessed with using the Doppler at home. Lainey sent me hers to borrow and its really addicting… The first time I used it I took a video… HR 158-160s and when we had our ultrasound it was at 150.

What I'm anticipating the most: Moving into the second trimester – hoping for less emotional, exhausted, urpy days. And feeling a bit more like I can tackle all that is required of me while we remodel our house and live in this tiny place!
Missing anything? My energy and coffee. I wonder if coffee will honestly ever taste good again. I’ve tried to force it down a few times for the caffeine and had very little success.

Worries: That something big will show up at the 20-week ultrasound. I also started to worry a bit about having another c-section. Sounds really unfun to have surgery again. Feels like its happened too much already in my life. I did talk about that with my doctor some this week. She said the decision is totally up to me, but that if something were to go wrong it would be life-threatening for me and the baby. We’ve had some kids in the unit with similar bad-outcomes and I know its not worth the risk. I spoke with her a bit about what would happen if I went into labor before the scheduled c-section. One of my biggest reassurances has been that she already dealt with my uterus in a very emergent situation and saved it so I want her in there again. No one else! She assured me she would come in, even if she wasn’t on-call to do my surgery. Her quote was, “You and Me, we’ve been through something. I’d like to see you through.” She said she would give me her cell when it got closer. Big sigh of relief.

Differences between pregnancies: Feel like I am saying the same thing as the last weeks, but mostly just BIGGER, more tired, and more urpy. The nausea is minimal compared to a few weeks ago and I’m hoping it will continue to dissipate, but the last few nights I’ve fallen asleep either sitting at the table after dinner(!) or as soon as I put Edrie down with my clothes still on. Did I mention she doesn’t nap most days? It feels like a marathon. I also continue to feel a bit less connected to this pregnancy – also something that is evolving and that I think is a result of two things: (1) having Edrie to take up most of my thinking space and time I don’t daydream and think as much about baby. The house reno is distracting too (2) After our loss I feel a little more vulnerable, like things are more likely to go bad. When I was pregnant with Edrie I felt so confident all would be fine. Edrie's pregnancy at 12 weeks
How I'm feeling: Reassured after another positive ultrasound – everything looked just as we’d expect at this stage and the doctor tried to help me look positively on my showing so early. She said my body just remembers – and that is a good thing because I had a smooth pregnancy last time.

Sleep: I want more. Night shift is the worst and I’m about to start a stretch of three in a row…

Movement: Anxiously anticipating! My doc said most of her second time moms start feeling flutters in the early weeks of the second trimester – so hopefully, soon!

The Bump: Definitely in need of some more summery clothes for the bump. It was in the 90s last week and I was at a loss when I had to attend a baby shower and a work function. I felt frumpy and underdressed at both. Excited for skirts and dresses and simple clothes this summer!

Milestones: Mini Human! It has basically all the structures and organs it needs – they just need to gain complexity and girth in the next 6 months. That blows my mind – 6 cm human!

Best Moment of the Week: Definitely the ultrasound – so fun to see baby. I can’t wait til our 20 week! Feels like a long time to wait to see baby again. I think we will try to get a sitter for Edrie so we can really focus!
these are the ultrasound pics from baby #2...
  7-2014-05-02 21.48.02 

 2-2014-05-07 23.42.59 

Check out Edrie's 12-week Ultrasound... don't they look similar??
12 week ultrasound

This was my first try at the doppler and I found baby's heartbeat... amazing, huh?!?!

Baby #2: 11 weeks

Photo thoughts: belly looking a little less like complete bloat and maybe more uterus? Still pretty huge, considering! People at work are straight up asking if I’m pregnant – you have to be pretty confident to do that, right?
Size of baby: lemon! That is getting pretty big! Babe is pretty much fully formed – just lots of growing/fattening-up to happen. And it is already moving around in there! I can’t feel anything yet, but SO EXCITED for that to happen!

Cravings/Aversions: still pretty urpy – mostly wanting fresh fruit and bland food. Living on bagels and cream cheese and grapefruit. I still feel like I crave the food I ate as a kid (I did with Edrie, too) – ramen noodles, Mexican, bagels, gummy bears, fast food, etc. Trying not to be too hard on myself for my food choices, because the puky feeling is SO UNPLEASANT anything to make it disappear is worth it. Its weird – I constantly feel like I want greasy food from a restaurant but as soon as I eat it – I’m sick. Especially anything thick with garlic – YUCK that aftertaste will kill me!

What I'm loving: Love and embarrassed by my huge bump. I was similar with E, but its just like – WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? Hopefully I’m not huge as a house by the time its all said and done.

What I'm anticipating the most: Newborn baby snuggles – carrying babe in the moby and just living up that very mobile stage in the beginning when they are happy as long as they are with you.
Missing anything? Its been a stressful week – I REALLY could have used a drink. I did buy some ginger ale to help my tummy and that feels kind of special?

Worries: That everything is okay in there. With announcing everything, I always feel a twinge of…OH CRAP what if something bad happens? Very excited for our ultrasound next week to be sure babe is still well.

Differences between pregnancies: I think I am more urpy this time and my exhaustion catches up with me more quickly – I think both may be a result of having a toddler whose needs come before my own. Its okay though – I still feel really good considering. Edrie's pregnancy at 11 weeks
How I'm feeling: Mostly excited and as if I am in denial about how BIG this is going to change my life!

Sleep: As long as Edrie sleeps – I sleep. But man she is struggling lately! My mom let me nap yesterday while she played with Edrie – I didn’t set an alarm thinking Id wake in a bit… THREE HOURS LATER! It felt so good and I must have needed it!

Movement:  Not yet!

The Bump: Can’t wait til its even bigger and hard and has a moving babe in there! I was at Target this morning and saw a really cute maternity dress – I refrained from buying it, but I am excited to be pregnant in summer again.

Milestones: FETUS! Our kid is no longer an embryo and has entered fetal stage of development! So advanced!!

Best Moment of the Week: Announcing the pregnancy to the world on FB and instagram! I’ve been wanting to do that for a few weeks, but we were being lazy about getting a good picture and being sure our whole family knew first. Within minutes I got several texts and tons of sweet comments online. It was a reassurance that this baby is very loved and our family is so lucky to have lots of support, near and far!

  Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.01.01 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.01.02 PM

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby #2: 9 & 10 weeks

  3-2014-04-20 14.27.29 

I'm doing simple phone pics and posts just some day I look half-way put together each week. You can see that we rarely make our bed these days! I didn't write a post for 9 weeks, but had a pic.

Photo thoughts: That is one big 10-week belly. I’m embarrassed by how big I look. I know I got big early with Edrie and I don’t have the flattest non-pregnant belly ever, but still! Beyond being a little self-conscious, I am so excited to have another baby bump.
Size of baby: Prune! Baby is over an inch long and has working arm joints. Its so crazy that its kind of a complete little being already.  Just super tiny!

Cravings/Aversions: This whole pregnancy I’ve been craving fresh fruit. Cold grapes are one of my favorite things right now. Most food in general sounds gross, but once its in front of me I can eat it. Although, Mexican food has had extra appeal…I could eat guacamole all day long.  I was trying to give up coffee completely to avoid any chance of miscarriage, but night shift was really rough without it weeks 6-8 so I started buying it again. But it makes me want to puke. It sounds so gross. I feel like I’m force feeding myself when I’m sleepy at work. If you know me well, you know this is insane and totally unlike me. I usually want multiple lattes everyday!

What I'm loving: Edrie loving talking to and about baby. “Do you have a baby in your belly?” “Did the baby go pee or did you?” “HI BABY! I said hi to the baby and it said hi back!” “I felt the baby move!” “I want the baby to come out” She KILLS me with the constant dialogue and interest. She is really excited to be a big sister. Just this week, Grant also started taking more of an interest in the belly and baby.

What I'm anticipating the most: Getting back into our house and decorating TWO kids rooms. Spending the fall prepping for baby and having the holidays off with our family of FOUR!
Missing anything?:  Not really. The coffee thing was sad at first, but I think I feel better without it. Especially with already switching back and forth working nights, sometimes the high/low I can get from coffee adds to the crazy. I feel a bit more even right now. Definitely going to bed earlier and wishing my kid napped regularly though. I had a sip of Grant’s beer last weekend and it was soooo good. I hadn’t missed drinking until that moment!

Worries: Still worried about losing this baby. I think after a loss you will always feel a bit more guarded in pregnancy. I was only 5weeks 3 days when I lost our other baby, but it hit me hard. Its easy to think about how I’d be getting ready to have a baby in 8 weeks rather than 8 months if things hadn’t been different.
Differences between pregnancies: I’m bigger! I also have had harder time connecting to the baby and pregnancy. At this time with Edrie I was already convinced she was a boy and had all kinds of notes and posts written. With this baby I’ve found it harder to get bump pictures taken, write notes and just dream about what is to come. I think as we settle into our life (which has been kind of crazy) that will all get easier. Edrie's pregnancy at 8 weeks, 9 weeks, 10 weeks.
How I'm feeling: Worried and excited. Worried because I’m already so invested and so are Grant and Edrie. We would all be hit hard if something happened to this baby. My friend, Lainey is going to let me borrow her Doppler – I think that will help give me some peace of mind.

Sleep: As long as Edrie sleeps I’m sleeping great. Would love naps, but making do without. Earlier on I was having an AWFUL time sleeping between shifts at work, but this week was much better.

Movement: Not yet. Hoping I feel this babe earlier than I felt Edrie. She had an anterior placenta so it was always kind of hard to feel her. Hoping this babe is implanted somewhere else!

The Bump: Getting bigger and rounder. Using my bella band. Not always out of necessity, but it does increase comfort and helps me look like I have less of a muffin top.

Milestones: Inching closer and closer to the second trimester. Feel like I will be taking some deep breaths when I get there.

Best Moment of the Week: All the moments with Edrie loving the belly and baby. She kissed my belly yesterday and it was almost too much for this mama to take!