Sunday, May 11, 2014

Baby #2: 13 weeks

Photo thoughts: Don’t think I’m getting any smaller!!
Size of baby: A peach!

Cravings/Aversions: Feeling better, maybe?? The last few days I haven’t been as senstitive to what I eat and haven’t felt as crappy after eating. I am still liking more fresh food. In fact, someone had a jamba juice at work this week and I can’t stop thinking about it. Getting one tomorrow! Coffee still sounds gross.
What I'm loving: Talking more about baby and plans. Thinking about whether we want to find out the sex. Edrie giving baby hugs. Its feeling more real.

What I'm anticipating the most: 2nd trimester! A real baby bump and getting some clothes soon so I don’t feel so frumpy!
Missing anything? I would love a good cocktail or blended margarita. As soon as this kid is out I think I’m getting a blended margarita with chips and guac!

Worries: Being a NICU nurse, I think I fear the worse. I keep thinking that now in development is when the intestines move from outside the body to inside and I just really want them to end up inside! A little nervous our house won’t be done in time, but I am trying to remember that the nursery doesn’t have to be perfect and that all babies really need is a boob and clean diapers with a few blankets.

Differences between pregnancies: Still bigger and can’t believe how much more challenging pregnancy is with a kid to take care of. I’m so big that a woman in the elevator at work told me she knew the baby was a boy and when I responded I’m only 12 weeks she laughed and then her and a friend got off and I could hear them talking about how huge I was for 12 weeks. Granted… I’m EXTRA big after a 12 hour night shift… for those that don’t know…working at night makes people bloat. I get so bloated and gross by the time I’m going home.
How I'm feeling: Better. Loving the reassurance of the Doppler to check on baby whenever I want.
Sleep: Maybe not as exhausted, but I still want as much sleep as possible.
Movement: Thinking I might be feeling something, but not totally sure. I’ve been trying to carefully assess, but when I stop to do that I feel nothing so hard to say.

The Bump: Thinking I’m going to go shopping this week… my poor husband is not a fan of that idea.

Milestones: 2nd trimester!! That’s such a huge milestone!!

Best Moment of the Week: Getting back into prenatal yoga! I went most of my pregnancy with Edrie to this great class at Matt Dishman Community Center and the same teacher still teaches so I went back this week and loved it. I need to get a sitter lined up so I can keep going because it starts before Grant gets home.

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Teresa Kasner said...

I saw your comment on Alicia's blog and realized you must be a Portland blogger.. so I am here to say hello. I live in Corbett, Oregon and blog too. Pop over and say hello if you would like. Congrats on Baby #2! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)