Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mom & Tim Come to Missoura - Part Three

Happy Graduation Tim!! Part of the reason my parents made the trip out here was so my step-dad could attend the graduation ceremony for his online masters degree! The school is in Omaha so we headed over there to spend a few days and celebrate!

I can't tell you how bad the ceremony was... but it was REALLY bad... picture a multi-millionare spouting off republican rhetoric for an hour instead of encouraging the new graduates to pursue their dreams and ideals. I mean he was going off about healthcare and how we shouldn't be buying out the banks??! How does this pertain??

On a much lighter and happier note... this hair graced us with its presence. Mom and I were laughing hysterically! REALLY lady?!? I know...

I'm going to hell.

the long drive home... so much more fun with family though!

and this girl! oh man did she have my parents wrapped around her finger after an hour! they love her and the feeling is mutual. she hates HATES the car though... there was lots of puking =(

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!

We were so busy with my parents I forgot to celebrate this blog's THIRD birthday (May 31st)! I can't believe its been three years since I fell in love with the blog world. It is a love - hate relationship, at times...mostly because it is such a time suck, but all in all I am still just as in love as I have ever been! The first birthday post I did makes me laugh and last year's is a recap of all that we did the first two years of this little blog, and below is what we have done since...
I would say this past year has been our most difficult yet... even tho that list looks mighty short.. many of those things are OH SO time consuming and stressful. We have been working hard the past few weeks to find more time to do fun stuff and let go of what isn't important - we also like to talk a lot about where we might be next year at this time or even the year after that (hint...Oregon...with babies..)

Mom & Tim Come to Missoura - Part Two

Luckily, my parents are super handy around the house and were willing to help us with some home improvement stuff while they were visiting. We have a few things on our TO DO list, but decided to tackle our yard... it was getting ridiculous and we had no idea what to do with it! This is a before picture taken last summer and all I knew was that I hated every single plant and wanted them all out.

So that is where the boys started - digging and pulling....

and digging...

this is our very cute and cuddly manager

we decided to take these trees out kind of carefully so we could transplant them into the backyard.

YAY for a clean slate!

Here is one of the trees out back... we hope to like the whole fence with trees someday - so we have some more privacy. The trees are a little shocky (lost all their leaves, etc) and we aren't sure if they will survive the transplant, but we are hopeful

Mom & I laying the weed barrier fabric - I love this stuff! we only have a few weeds out there and its been a few weeks!

Mom & Tim brought Olive an Oregon collar and leash - LOVE IT!

We went and picked out LOTS of pretty perennials and a few annuals to put in. We got rose trees, hostas, hydrangea, some grasses, and lots more!

Here it is after we started to get everything in the ground and mom was spreading the barkdust. Looks good, huh??

The workcrew! We were SOO hot and tired that night...Oregonians aren't made for this kind of humidity!

Here is a bit better 'after' picture - we planted annuals around the tree in the middle of the yard (off to the left in this picture) and in a few pots to put in front of the house.

These pictures make it look like this was an easy task, but it took us one full day and the afteroons of several other days - we even rented a truck to haul bark and our yard debris! We also did some work in the backyard - we removed a ton of ugly lava rock and planted wildflowers and some veggies/herbs - they aren't much to look at yet so I don't have pictures, but I will!! We are SOO thankful for all your help MOM & TIM!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mom & Tim Come to Missoura - Part One

The first day my parents were in Columbia we decided to rent bikes and ride the Katy trail to Rocheport, like we did back in November. OMG what a mistake... the bikes we rented sucked (our asses hurt within minutes) and it was WAY TOO HOT. 

Here is Grant trying to convince me I want to go further...I was so miserable!

I can't tell you how happy it made me to have this woman here for a week.
We made it 7 miles before Mom and I voted that it was time to turn around...14 miles in all is pretty good, I think!

Off to bed so I can get up and go to the hospital for my practicum... I am on Labor and Delivery 24-36 hours a week this summer! Sometimes it is hard for me because they are much more invasive than my hippy-self likes, but I LOVE me some babies and prego people!! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

hello out there

HELLO! its been so long since I've been on here. Life has been crazy - fun, but crazy. My parents were here for a week and I have so many fun pictures to share - we had a fantastic time. We also did lots of house projects with them and before/after they were here. There are actually a few rooms in our house that are starting to look minorly put together - it only took a year!

We've also been bumming around with friends lately. This is Lainey & Dan... I know Lainey from school - we commiserate together daily and can't wait to be done with this program. They just got engaged in the Bahamas and are getting married in September! We are sooo happy for them and excited to help them get ready for their wedding!

These pictures are from a few weeks ago... they have two jet skis and they invited us to go down to the lake and have some fun on the water. It was SO.MUCH.FUN! The lake is beautiful and part of it is lined with restaurants and bars that have jet ski/boat parking on the water so we just parked and walked up the dock when we were ready for a drink and again when we needed some lunch! So fun!

I will be back this week with more updates...I know you just can't contain yourself, huh??