Saturday, November 28, 2009

tis the season

hey! look at me blogging three days in a row...pretty impressive, huh?!

yesterday was beautiful - mid sixties and sunny...would have been nice to have had that instead of mid 30s and windy for our turkey day run, but whatever.

we took the opportunity to get our first missouri christmas tree! last year we were in the middle of uprooting our lives so we missed out on getting a tree, but the year before we had lots of fun at the tree farm.

we went to starr pines christmas tree farm and for a split second thought we could have been in Oregon. but then we looked at the horizon and saw brown. we knew then that we were still in missouri.

seriously! can you believe this weather?! the little tractor takes you out to the trees

all ready with the saw! he is so freakin' cute! i kind of love him. kind of.

ok so. it was a whole new world of christmas tress. no douglas fir or noble firs...kind of insane, right? we persevered, but it was hard. all the trees were either really small or really huge and they all had lots of holes!

this is the winner. he is kind of huge (over 8 feet), but we were getting tired of looking and he is almost perfect.

we had fun taking lots of pictures. it was so nice out! see that vest that i'm wearing...$10 at old navy! no. big. deal.


i love him.

man woman and tree

all wrapped up and ready....

... to drive off into the sunset! (dang dirty windshield!)


Tom and Donna said...

nice job with the tree. we're going tomorrow after the 20+ mph winds die down. Glad you had a great thanksgiving. It makes a huge difference to have friends close by to celebrate with - Rani, Jason & Lina joined us for another year. Miss ya!

Holly and Everest said...

Man, eight foot tree. Everest and I opted for a 4 1/2 ft tree. We carried it back home from the boy scouts at George Roger's Park. I love walking down the street carrying a christmas tree. And I have your button wreath ornament hanging in all its glory. Have fun trimming your tree.

jenni said...

that is a good tree! nice muscles Grant!