Friday, November 27, 2009

thanksgiving 2009

yesterday was so much fun! i love cooking on days like this - everything is from scratch and i have all day to make it without feeling like i am neglecting other things. Aaron and Sara joined us so there were four of us. It was nice having them over - took the sting of not being with family away.

the spread! it was all so so good. we used all of the same recipes as last year and had just as much success. i think these recipes will be with us for the rest of our thanksgivings...we both love them so much!

all pro turkey carver this year!

sara & aaron. they are so fun - after dinner we played guesstures and laughed pretty hard!

i found the wishbone and asked grant if he wanted to break it with me. he had never heard of this?!?! isn't that crazy? after things were explained it took us three attempts to actually break the bone - it kept slipping out of our hands!

i got the larger half, but i can't tell you what i wished for!

we hope your day was great too!

love, dr & mrs simmons


J Manson Squared said...

I love your sweater Nicole! SO Cute! Looks like amazing food. My great-grandma had those white lacey kind of edge dishes, so pretty! Glad you had a happy day full of yummy food and laughter!

cb said...

Ha - I came to comment on the same thing! I LOVE your sweater!

nicole said...

thanks guys!