Friday, July 31, 2009


i am done with summer school! i am in great need of the break and can't wait to see Oregon and all of its inhabitants the next few weeks! i'll get us all caught up on posting so we can post Oregon pics!!

last friday night we had a little party at our house for one of Grant's colleagues. Mehmet was a visiting professor from Turkey here for 3 months, i think. he is super sweet and had lots of fun with all the guys in the lab. we were sad to see him go but happy to be able to have a little party to send him off well.

help! i need alcohol

i couldnt get that bottle open and i wanted a drink!


have you noticed i have this thing for taking pictures on an angle?? its like i think i can make any picture more interesting my turning it... weird, i tell you! this is mehmet and aaron playing wii


you like our little grill? G made brats and burgers - they were very delicious and will probably cause atherosclerosis but i think it was worth it.

aaron and sara recently bought a wii and brought it over for the party. it was so much fun just watching - not sure if you will think its funny, but i was laughing hysterically!

Wii boxing

they got so into it! they were all worn out!

Wii bowling

bruno was HILARIOUS with the bowling. he would go all the way back to the wall and run forward stopping just before falling on the table! we were certain he was going to bite it, but he never did!

i think a fun time was had by all and it made us look forward to having more social gatherings in our new place!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


we had a busy weekend and i took lots of pictures! unfortunately i don't have time to write about them, but my last final is TOMORROW so get excited for some updates.

in the mean time here is a picture of fruit salad i made last week...i can't complain about missouri being the black hole for produce if they keep this stuff coming! if you don't already read my other blog - WHY? you should because i'm pretty cool... anyway i made a purse. you can look at it if you want...

Thursday, July 23, 2009


its been insane around here lately. grant keeps saying 'july... there's been a lot of work in july..." its almost a sentence of disbelief.

i hope to blog some real updates soon - tell you about what we are actually up to and how its been being a nurse 1 day a week...there are some stories there...

in the mean are a few pics from my baking escapades last week...

how we stay sane on 5ish hours of sleep a night with no down time... we miss WEEDS

my mama is good to me... sent me this apron and a vintage flour sifter (been wanting one) a few weeks ago. i have never had an apron of this style and it is by far my favorite - since it doesn't tie at the neck its extremely comfortable!

happy weekend all... i am going to attempt to recover from an extremely challenging day at the hospital with a glass (or bottle??) of wine...

PS - i am 1 week and 2 exams from finishing my first semester of nursing school! only three more to go!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

craft room

this is what my craft/study room looked like after we moved things around on sunday. can you say OVERWHELMING?

as overwhelming as it was... i was excited to have a desk for studying and another one for sewing!

and here it is all organized and put away. i still need to get a big storage unit so i can get rid of my plastic drawers, but after that and a few things on the walls i will be all set!

love my little knitting corner. and i still adore that rocking chair. although i wish it would have occurred to me to buy different paint after i bought the green chair...

study nook.

that is my new desk! can you believe we got it for $20?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


the last thing i ever want to do is cook dinner. i know its sad and other people love it, but unless its something special and all i have to do that day is cook then i just don't wanna do it. i'm tired after being busy all day!

saturday my problems were solved when we finally broke out the fonue maker Holly got us as a wedding gift. OMG this stuff is good and soo easy. i'm going to have to find a healthy version because it might be my new go-to meal.

we made swiss cheese fondue... don't you want to eat that??

G liked it A LOT! THANK YOU HOLLY!! it was so fun to relax and eat something new (and easy) together!

Monday, July 13, 2009


i learned something new about my husband this weekend. and it made me SOOO happy and excited. are you ready for it???


had to show him a few things i wanted to get for the house before buying them and was bracing for an in and out trip to my favorite flea market, but was pleasantly surprised to see him enjoying all the old stuff! i can't even tell you excited i was. i was beaming all day dreaming of a lifetime of antiquing together. i told him garage sales can be just as fun, but i don't have him sold on that one yet...

our trip to the flea market was quite fruitful...

i wanted little stools for beside our bed because there isn't much room for bedside tables and i hate how they tend to accumulate stuff. i thought these were cute and rustic. our other bedroom stuff is kind of stuffy so i like that this helps break it up. my rule is that nothing stays on them during the day... you can see that i don't follow it very well....

do you love this chair? probably only if you are into old stuff, but we LOVE it. because of his back G has a thing about nice chairs and i knew he would love this one. as we were leaving the market i pulled him over to see 'one last thing.' we left with it. i LOVE how unique it is. and it is way comfy to sit in... makes me wonder why more chairs aren't made so you sit at the diagonal...

we also got a desk for me for only $20! its old and sturdy and i love it... my little room sort of came together this weekend so i'll show you that update soon.

** the pic at the top is just one i like of our bed. i've been meaning to show you that we hung our lights a few weeks ago. i LOVE them so much (an antique find from a few years ago...), but we need something on the wall... any suggestions? **

Sunday, July 5, 2009


this is the only picture i have to document this weekend. we had such a great time visiting Brett and Beth in Manhattan. they are amazing hosts - we seriously haven't eaten that good in way too long! it was so relaxing - a great break from working on the house and studying. i EVEN got some crafting in! can you believe it?!

thanks again B&B for your amazing hospitality!!