Friday, July 31, 2009


i am done with summer school! i am in great need of the break and can't wait to see Oregon and all of its inhabitants the next few weeks! i'll get us all caught up on posting so we can post Oregon pics!!

last friday night we had a little party at our house for one of Grant's colleagues. Mehmet was a visiting professor from Turkey here for 3 months, i think. he is super sweet and had lots of fun with all the guys in the lab. we were sad to see him go but happy to be able to have a little party to send him off well.

help! i need alcohol

i couldnt get that bottle open and i wanted a drink!


have you noticed i have this thing for taking pictures on an angle?? its like i think i can make any picture more interesting my turning it... weird, i tell you! this is mehmet and aaron playing wii


you like our little grill? G made brats and burgers - they were very delicious and will probably cause atherosclerosis but i think it was worth it.

aaron and sara recently bought a wii and brought it over for the party. it was so much fun just watching - not sure if you will think its funny, but i was laughing hysterically!

Wii boxing

they got so into it! they were all worn out!

Wii bowling

bruno was HILARIOUS with the bowling. he would go all the way back to the wall and run forward stopping just before falling on the table! we were certain he was going to bite it, but he never did!

i think a fun time was had by all and it made us look forward to having more social gatherings in our new place!


Lindsey said...

I like the new blog...pretty!!!

Jonas and Janelle said...

A. This "inhabitant" of Oregon (can I still claim that? it's a stretch...) is SO excited for your return.
B. I too, am in a stage where I love taking pics on a diagonal (Joe was like, "what's wrong with these pics?" when I first started). Weird.
C. Fun party!
D. I concur with Lindsey- pretty new blog :)

P.S. See you SOON!