Saturday, August 1, 2009

one dollar

we had a garage sale last saturday morning. we were exhausted, but pushed through to get up early and get rid of some crap. i was too lazy to put price tags on anything so we sold almost everything for $1. a ridiculous steal for some of our stuff, but it was worth it to just see it go. we made about $150 in three hours so i'd say it was a success!

garage sale

looking at this picture makes me kind of ashamed at my display abilities... i didn't realize how crappy it looked. eh..oh well.

all class all the time

this was a wedding gift - there was a his and hers each filled with whiskey. wonder why no one bought it??


Jonas and Janelle said...

LOL, apparently people are classier than us in Missouri...

Jonas and Janelle said...

P.S. How do you personalize your blog with pics at the top? I want to change mine, but am still blog illiterate