Sunday, August 2, 2009


first off... can you believe how green these pictures are?? i didn't do any editing on the colors - makes up for the brown we saw the first 5 months we were here.

before! that is supposed to be a tree not a bush!

we bought our house with what used to be a tree in our front yard - it had turned into a bush after years of neglect. actually everything was bigger than it should have been and we were barely getting any light in our front windows! we set out with a new set of clippers and in two hours our front yard looked way different. it makes me wonder what could happen if we get out there for a whole day in the next few weeks!


G hard at work. we can actually see the trunk! we are wondering though...does the bark peeling mean the tree is sick or infested? does anyone know? i suspect yes, but just wondering.


all done!


G also pruned the trees in front of our windows and that big bush/tree. i spent the time weeding...those pictures aren't flattering you you'll just have to take my word for it! we seriously have weeds that have thrived into bushes. how do people let things get so bad??

when we were done we ended up with a HUGE pile of branches, weeds, and clippings. as we headed inside our next door neighbors got home. i had never met the wife so she came over to introduce herself (she is way nice and 4 months prego so you know i love her)... she saw our pile of clippings and offered to take them to the mulch place for us! they have a truck so the next morning we loaded it up and they took it away for us. isn't that so so nice?? we will have to make them dinner. they also have the cutest 14 month old little girl!


jodieak51 said...

The peeling bark is part of the charm of that particular birch tree. Nothing wrong with it all at, it's what the tree naturally does.

jessica said...

nice river birch! love the pruning it looks spectacular. love you guys!