Monday, August 3, 2009

new handy(wo)man in town

because grant is handier with tools and much more patient than i, he ends up with a much longer list of house to dos than me. so when i skipped my afternoon class a few weeks ago i decided i should devote the time to things on his list.

successful fan removal! by myself!

i started by taking down the ceiling fan in our bedroom. i know you all probably love ceiling fans... why though? hate them. plus this one is ugly, g is tall and we have low ceilings. it had to go. i won't say there weren't a few moments when i thought i was going to either 1. electrocute myself or 2. drop the fan, but in the end i was successful.

after i took the fan down

see that tricky red wire? it caused me about an hour more of work, but i dominated it in the end!

i installed THAT light!

new light!

monday clean-up

next up... our garage was in shambles. i know this doesn't look that great, but believe me it was a HUGE improvement from what it was before i spent two hours in there. G hates being cramped so he had been frustrated since the day we moved in. its even better since we got rid of all that garage sale stuff!

I mowed THAT lawn... i have the blisters to prove it

lastly...i mowed our BACK yard! take a second to absorb that... do you see the hill? now let me tell you the funniest part about all of this. when we were buying a lawn mower i insisted on two things 1. it needed a bag and 2. it needed to be self propelled so i could mow if need be.

soooo... i'm out there mowing the lawn in 95 degree heat plus humidity on our bumpy, weed infested hill and i can't get over how unimpressed i am with the self propelled action of our mower. after an hour i finish and end up with HUGE open wounds on both my thumbs.

G comes home all surprised and excited about all that i accomplished and causally asks me if i turned on the self- propelled function on the mower... you should have seen my face. umm it isn't automatic?? turns out there is a lever you have to push. ha. no wonder it was so F-ing hard.


Alisha said...

Congrats! I was super handy this weekend too. :)
And, me and Mav fight constantly about the ugly white fan in our bedroom. I have given him the rest of the summer to say his goodbyes before I replace it with something pretty.

Leslie & Lucas said...

Oh Nicole! I can totally relate to that, I was mowing manually as well, until Lucas told me I was doing it wrong! The things we do for our husbands! I hope you have an awesome trip to Oregon! We miss you guys!

J Manson Squared said...

LOL...I needed that laugh about the lawn mower! Thanks Nicole! (PS - Sorry to hear your clinicals are full of poopy MRSA fun!)

jenni said...

love the new header! wow I needed that laugh too about the lawn mower, did Grant crack up at you?? tell Oregon hi and maybe give her a hug

Anonymous said...

It's twice as funny if you picture Grant actually saying it in his soft spoken, unassuming manner!