Tuesday, August 4, 2009


when my mom was here helping us work on the house. she suggested we get handles for the cabinets and drawers in our kitchen. SUCH a good idea considering i shut my fingers in either the lazy susan or a drawer once a week.

a few weeks ago my mom and stepdad were gracious enough to send us all the handles and knobs we would need! i finally got around to installing them this weekend.



during. there is this handy tool that they got us. its like a template for where to make the marks for you to drill. made it all go SO fast.




kitchen cabinets

can you believe how much of a difference it makes. its like i never knew something was missing, but now i wonder how i missed it! we LOVE them!!

kitchen cabinets

i've been getting things done left and right around here. it feels so good to be out of school and have time to check things off our LONG list!

steak salad

i also wanted to share this little recipe with you. maybe you already do this, but its my new favorite meal and it takes about 10 minutes to prepare (speed is my favorite quality in a meal)...

Steak Salad

  • top sirloin...this was on sale at Sam's, but you can use whatever - we have been using 1.5 steaks for the two of us
  • crumbled gorgonzola...or feta, or blue cheese, or...
  • dried cranberries
  • sliced almonds...you can buy these already sliced near the salad dressing at the grocery store
  • red pepper, sliced
  • red onion, diced
  • green onion, sliced
  • any other veggies you want!
  • newman's own light balsalmic vinagarette...i don't usually like vinagarette, but am obsessed with this! all of the newman's dressings are way good (pasta sauces too!)
slice the steak into 1-inch cubes, put in a frying pan with a little bit of oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. cook on medium-high until done (about 10 mintues). toss all of the ingredients together and devour!

we have had this about 10 times in the past 2 weeks and i'm still not tired of it. and that is saying something! i usually need a lot of variety.


mupedalpusher said...

Love the handles. We lived in our first house without handles on the cabinets, thought the plain look suited us best. What we didn't realize is how hard it is on the finish. Great addition, you are turning in to Nicole-the- tool girl- Simmons.

Juliana Porto said...

Never eat this. I would try!
Beautiful kitchen.
Wish you luck and hapiness.