Monday, June 25, 2012

June Randoms


This little lady is now an all pro waver...she even waves to mama in the tub!


Love strawberry season!


New tulip sunhat

This is a good example of her attempts to crawl... she almost gets in the stance and then bellyflops!

She totally thinks the couch is her own giant dog bed


Her first real boo-boo! She fell forward into a toy that scratched her eyelid pretty good.


I love everything about this picture...her signature tongue, her jenni-made pants, her mama-made baby legs, and especially that striped hat. All makin' her look so cute on fhat swing! Girl LOVES to swing!


Baby cakes is also officially pulling up on hings and cruising around. She doesn't crawl, but is getting alarmingly close to walking!

Jenni and her brood invited us to the Jr Rose parade... Edrie enjoyed an apple while watching hte festivities. SO MUCH FUN!


Puppy dog!


Grilled pizza = new favorite!!

Father's Day


We celebrated Grant's first Father's Day with a family BBQ at our place. Its so nice to be able to celebrate with all our dad's at once - nice and relaxing! Edrie was the party favorite, of course.


Boys catching some of the NBA finals


First time Edrie is with both of my parents. Very sweet.


With Grandpa


Grant got a backyard firepit for Father's day so we tested it out!



Edrie was laughing so hard when I'd throw her in the air - deep belly laughs! They were so so good. I'm so glad I remembered a family picture - I feel like I always forget!

Afternoon with Grandpa


A few weeks ago my dad came over to get lunch with Miss E and I. It was an awesome weather day so we took advantage and walked to get food. Edrie has been so much more open to others loving on her nice when she doesn't fuss!


Sporting her new hat from Nana and hangin with the boys in the backyard. This kid is SO the center of attention in our family!


Can you see the resemblance?

Monday, June 18, 2012

9 Months!


This little lady turned 3/4 of a year old last week! She is such a little ham these days...she smiles and scrunches her nose at people out in public and even WAVES hi and bye to really get them wrapped around her finger! Its fun to see her personality starting to emerge more and more. I have a very strong feeling she is going to be hard headed like her mama and a social butterfly like her papa. Her other tricks... she can stand pretty independently, but doesn't have the strength/coordination to fully pull herself from sitting to standing. She is also still working on crawling. She can push off from sitting but then flops on her belly instead of staying up on her hands and knees. She'll learn eventually! One of her favorite things is to give kisses...she wraps her chubby little arms around your neck and smacks a big, wet, open-mouthed kiss on is SO good! I love it. 

She continues to be a phenomenal eater which is awesome, but I'm already seeing my milk supply dwindle which is sort of bittersweet. Hopefully she'll keep wanting to nurse alongside all the food! She eats most anything we put in front of her...lately she's tried garbonzo beans which she loves, but that make sense because she is a hummus fiend. Still digs yogurt and fruit. Eggs - her new favorite breakfast. She could probably eat two scrambled eggs on her own if I gave her that much! She just picks each piece up and right into the mouth it goes! 

Sleep has been our biggest issue with this lady lately. We decided it is high time she sleep through the night. Sleep training began and has gone relatively well. She has regressed a few times and we had to move her wake up time up to 5am because she just can't seem to make it all the way until 6am without losing it. We used the books by The Sleep Lady and the No Cry Sleep Solution to help us with her sleep issues. The past few nights she's slept from 8pm to 5am...not too shabby for a baby who used to sleep right next to me and nurse all night! Oh...and she's in the crib for sleep and naps these days... freedom for mama and papa!! 

Think that's it, but here are some out takes to make your day...





a little tantrum..."hold me mama"

Mom's 60th Birthday


June 10th we had family friends and my parents over to celebrate my mom turning 60! It was a great day for a BBQ so we made some gorgonzola bacon burgers on our new grill and finished things off with this amazing strawberry rhubarb crisp!


E's first surprise - she loved it! This kid will eat anything!



Happy Birthday Mama!

More Yard Work...


Ran some errands a few weeks ago and came home to find this...Grant is way better at getting stuff done when he is watching Edrie than I am! I need to take some after picures of the yard, because we finished and it looks sooo much better!


That tree thing had some serious roots that Grant had to dig and hack out. We've only done the front flower beds, but just that makes our house look so much more presentable we can't wait to see what more work will do!

And just for fun some bouncing in the exersaucer we get to borrow from the McCords!

MHS Class of 2002 10 Year Reunion!


June 9th a few of my high school girls and I hosted our 10 year reunion! INSANE! Our class was a bit disfunctional in high school so we didn't know what to expect as far as who would come and how it would turn out, but it was SO MUCH FUN! We rented out a room at the Lucky Lab in Northwest and it was perfect - there was a bartender in the room that just served us and we could order drinks and food from him!


Seeing everyone together really makes the memories come has it been 10 years already?!




Some of our best friends couldn't make it and many of the people I hung out with but don't see anymore couldn't make it...hoping everyone comes out for the 20 year though!



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Randoms (lots of instagram)



how we've been spending our late afternoons


her happy place

in my favorite pjs


when we nap together


loves her some yogurt


my favorite


sweet pea!

Jenni's Shower

IMG_9341 IMG_9437

 Jenni and Gregg had a boy!! Mr. Will arrived last week so we spent a Saturday morning a few weeks ago celebrating! *that punch in the corner is an amazing concoction known as coffee punch...i could have guzzled the whole thing! so so good

May 183

Lesley and I hosted...she had this cute burlap with decorations up


Lindsey helped me make that Oh Boy sign and the frames below...



Cute cookie favors

May 188

Edrie loves those McCord girls!

May 178 IMG_9352

My kid always has her tongue out these days. Look at Jenni's belly!


Jane, Jenni, & Lesley


Lilly and her Auntie B making a Will heart


There was a baby there only 4 days older than Edrie and her mama is a nurse. Hope to get those girls together again soon!


Jane keeping an eye on the babies



Bib decorating



And time for gifts! It was a really nice day and so much fun to get to celebrate Will!