Monday, June 25, 2012

June Randoms


This little lady is now an all pro waver...she even waves to mama in the tub!


Love strawberry season!


New tulip sunhat

This is a good example of her attempts to crawl... she almost gets in the stance and then bellyflops!

She totally thinks the couch is her own giant dog bed


Her first real boo-boo! She fell forward into a toy that scratched her eyelid pretty good.


I love everything about this picture...her signature tongue, her jenni-made pants, her mama-made baby legs, and especially that striped hat. All makin' her look so cute on fhat swing! Girl LOVES to swing!


Baby cakes is also officially pulling up on hings and cruising around. She doesn't crawl, but is getting alarmingly close to walking!

Jenni and her brood invited us to the Jr Rose parade... Edrie enjoyed an apple while watching hte festivities. SO MUCH FUN!


Puppy dog!


Grilled pizza = new favorite!!

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cb said...

If I remember correctly, my brother skipped crawling completely and ended up walking at 9 months instead. If she has more interest in being on her feet, maybe it'll happen first!