Tuesday, March 17, 2009

springy and stuff

it has been very beautiful and springy here this week. might get up to 80 degrees today!! we took advantage of it and took an evening stroll last night. i have to admit it is nice to be back here with the hubby.

if i would ever sit down and learn photoshop i could doctor these pics up and they might be kinda good.

we even saw some deer and happened to have the camera out when they ran by!

this picture is to show all of you that i've been complaining to about this place being SO brown. see what i mean?? now if you are from here don't get your panties in a bunch...i know you get offended and say -just wait til spring. i'm sure it will be great then BUT oregon is green all year so that is what i'm used to and miss.
i also realized while i was home that it has been a long time since i've said anything about how and what we are doing here in Columbia. so here is a little update: 
  • We like that it rains less, but wish it weren't so brown.
  • We like that we might be able to afford a house here and that the city will help us with the down payment.
  • We like the people we have met - you all are so nice. And surprisingly, we've met several people who have lived in Eugene - that always feels good. They understand the brown thing.
  • Grant likes his job a lot. Its different and challenging and good. He/we think it is a step in the right direction for his career goals and our family goals. 
  • I am gearing up for school - doing better in my class so the intensity of this program is feeling less intimidating. I've gone to school and succeeded for a long time, right??
  • I really like having a craft area and don't think I will ever go without it again. 
And last but not least a picture of when Lindsey opened up the door of her new house to find me on the doorstep - she was shocked! Her parents are so sweet for flying me out to surprise her - we both enjoyed it so much! 


jenni said...

i love that bridge picture. No photoshop needed!

Jonas and Janelle said...

Wanna know something wierd? Remember the day I went on that run near campus (it was 30*) and I got lost? Well, I ran across this bridge and was thinking to myself that we should come back (with Grant) and take pics. I don't remember why I didn't bring it up, because I thought it'd be really cool to take pics of you and Grant on it. Random thought- but I guess you thought it was purdy too! Love and miss :)