Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what we've been up to...

sorry we've been so MIA in blogland. missouri is the blackhole of several things including but not limited to decent ice cream, beer or any other grocery that is not expired, and..... good internet service.

it sucked, but i spent the afternoon getting everything set up through a different company and i have high hopes. at the very least their customer service reps are easy to deal with.

anyway... we've been doing some things. mostly they involve school, work, house. we throw some weeds in now and then, but mostly just the latter. i guess we've also been eating good...

our version of these chicken sandwiches. we eat corn almost every day here. it is SO SO good. its the only produce that is better here than in Oregon.

the return of the no bake strawberry pie

sorry...i know pictures of meat are kind of gross, but you should SERIOUSLY make lamb chops. they are kinda spendy but SO SO worth it. marinate them in whatever and grill.

we also made kabobs. these are my fav. this time they look better than they actually were. they got a little dried out on the grill...

G needed a desk to work at from home. he is always really good about coming home at a reasonable hour to be with me and only works minimally on the weekends, but if he is going to work out of the office then he needs a proper set up. i'm secretly in love with his desk...its SO spacious! and it was an amazing deal.

always have to confirm it is sturdy. wouldn't want it going anywhere... =)

i love this one. so cute trying to build a lawn mower. there was quite the saga with a lawn mower we were going to buy from a neighbor so we were glad to give that back and move forward with something new.

there is a LOT of grass. it was so freakin' hot the days he did this... seriously over 100 with close to 100% humidity! i cursed our move that whole week.

we've also been experiencing our first intense lightening storms. this video is kinda long but around 47 seconds there is a really good bolt. this seriously felt like we were in a club with a strobe light!!

and this is me doing what i do... curl up with my table, blanket, and a latte to study. we have an exam every monday all summer long. it really sucks up my weekend, but all A's so far so I've been able to let up a little.(you like our coffee table?? yea i still havent even finished sanding it let alone staining it...)

then i do this. really this doesn't happen very often, but this pastweekend i was SO tired a nap was necessary.

in other news...

1. do you see my new bag in that last picture (on the right). i'm in LOVE with it. i tried to go with out a proper school bag, but i couldn't handle it. if you need something to hold a lot of crap that is sturdy you should get one too! i bought mine from planetshoes.com - they are much cheaper there!

2. we are going home soon!!!!! we've been so homesick, especially since summer hit so we are beyond excited. i will be in Portland Aug 4-16 and G will be there Aug 7-16. we hope to see lots of friends and family and soak up all the Oregon-ness! CAN NOT WAIT!


Sean and Belinda said...

Wow, that lightning storm was intense! Reminds me of the days when my parents lived in Texas.

Let me know if you guys are free during your trip home, and we'll have you over to our new house. Good luck with the studies!

B-Wong said...

Boulevard beer (from KC) is pretty good. Kansas raised steaks and BBQ in KC are some pretty good local flavors. Just like the corn, the beef and pork are so much better out here than on the coasts.

Jonas and Janelle said...

YAY to you guys coming home! Can't wait to see your be-a-utiful faces :)