Thursday, June 18, 2009

work in progress

lots of requests for in progress house pics. here they are...
basically we are at a point where we can live in *almost* every room, but have nothing decorated or in its final resting place, ya know??

the floors WITH the moldings... you like?? the moldings are annoying and hard, but G made huge progress last weekend. he has the rest of the hallway and kitchen to go.

such a good little worker bee.

i painted the second bathroom. it took me way longer than i expected, but i like how it turned out!

some craft room pics. i just kind of threw everything in a place, eventually we'll get me a sewing desk and some shelves/cabinets.

the other corner. i love having new carpet and paint!

took the closet doors off to make a little office. i can't wait for it to be cute - i think it will be an awesome use of space!

the last room in the house to get some attention. for now we just close the door. my goal is to get it in order this weekend. we got G a new desk and it came last week so it will be really fun to get it all in order.

our bedroom - needs decorating, but i love this color!

i heart antiques.

nothin' too exciting here, but we are loving the space.

we FINALLY got this room in order. i can't tell you how nice it is to be able to have our living room and couch back. monday night we actually ignored everything we were supposed to do and laid on our couch to watch a movie together. it was so nice. G claims it was the first time i haven't crafted while we watched a movie together since we've been in columbia.

do you like how we have 2 chairs at our table?? we've never gotten around to putting the other four together, but its on the to do list!


Lindsey said...

It's looking so good! And I love the color in the craft room!

Alisha said...

Looks great! I'm so excited for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I am SO PROUD of you guys! It looks SO AWESOME!! ACCOMPLISHMENT feels and LOOKS good!!! Way to go!

Jonas and Janelle said...

You guys have put in so much hard work, and it looks freaking awesome. I love all of your new antiques too, especially the mirror in your bedroom. Good work Simmons!

jenni said...

It looks really good! it must feel so clean with new carpet and paint

Anonymous said...

By changing the flooring and the paint, you've made it your own home. I always love living in a place that reflects my tastes, and there's no better way than to do what you both did. I hope you have many happy years there. Cheers! Love, Aunt Chris