Monday, November 30, 2009


saturday we continued in the christmas spirit by decorating our house. it was SO.MUCH.FUN!

you see those clips? they are a $3.50 we've ever spent. took us no time to hang the lights up and with minimal cussing!

so straight. i LOVE it!

sorry. there are a lot of pictures lately. i just LOVE it when we get to do this kind of stuff for the first time together! and with weather like that!

pretty blue missouri sky. now it might snow on weird!

late in the day we ran to home depot to get one more strand of lights and buy wood for my craft room "remodel". have i told you about this?? we are making my craft room into a craft room/guest room. i REALLY want somewhere for people to sleep when they come to visit and i think if we make me something like this plus a dresser/cabinet for my fabric i can totally make it work.

he is cute when we gets a project going and he is good at it...remember??

gettin' the last few up!

its so cute and cookie cutter, isn't it? i never thought i could love a house like this, but i SO do. there already are and there will be so many more good memories here.

he is good to me. he willingly lets me set up the camera balancing it on whatever i can find, set the timer and change all the settings and take 100s of pictures until i get the one i like. so so good.

time to trim the tree!

our fav ornament acting as a topper...i still haven't made/found the perfect one. any crafty suggestions??

with the furniture all re-arranged and a few strings of lights acting as a tree skirt... we're all ready for the holidays!


Jonas and Janelle said...

Lots of fun pics! Looks like you guys had an awesome holiday weekend, I'm glad you had so much fun. I think we are getting our tree and decorating this weekend, can't wait! (BTW- I heard an N'Sync Christmas song while shopping last weekend and it made me think of my long, lost N'Sync buddy...) Love and miss!

Alisha said...

Ya'll are precious! Everything looks great- don't apologize for too many pictures. That could never be the case.
My mom did that closet thing at her house and it's awesome!

jenni said...

that tree is so pretty! Your whole place looks so great. glad you two got to relax and be awesome together!

Patty said...

Um, you guys are the cutest! I can't wait to get our house all Christmas'd up, but I have to wait a week and a half for a little thing called finals to be over. In the mean time, I am listening to nothing but Christmas tunes on my iPod to get in the spirit. ANYWAY, you two look like you are doing well. Miss you lots!