Sunday, April 4, 2010


our visit home was AMAZING! Grant and I planned pretty independent trips so we could maximize the number of people we each wanted to see. It was weird, but good to stay apart and really get to see who we each wanted to see in the few days we had there. I think this trip really solidified the fact that we both want to be back in Portland - not in the Northwest, not in Eugene, but in Portland. Of course, we understand that this might not happen, but I am already hunting for a job with Grant's name on it...

I hit the ground running friday night with a bachelorette party that began just after our plane landed! This beautiful bride is a dear friend from WAY back when - she is getting married in GERMANY this summer and I can't go which is really really lame. BUT we had a blast celebrating her in Portland.

we went out to dinner and then to a karaoke bar! i will have you know that i am wearing skinny jeans and knee high boots in this picture...VERY bold for me!

singing hit me, baby one more time. gotta love britney.

OMG...this must have sounded beautiful...
i'm not really sure what is going on with my hair here, but i was hung over and had to get ready for a bridal shower so really you couldn't have expected much!

gotta love the Oregon rain... it welcomed us wholeheartedly and we didn't mind a bit.

I did a little fabric browsing with Janelle... I really could have gone crazy, but I didn't buy ANY!

Tuesday Grant and I had planned to spend the day together at the coast, but it was pouring down rain. If it were just sprinkling we would have gone, but pouring makes it kinda difficult... instead we parked downtown and walked all over...
we ate lunch on 23rd and then headed to Powell's... speaking of books I am OBSESSED with the Twilight series - I have read the first three in the past week and a half and will probably have the last one done by the end of the week. I know it sounds stupid - love and vampires and stuff, but I kid you not - it is SO hot and suspenseful!

We did lots of other stuff in Portland too - I just didn't take many pictures. G spent a full day hiking around downtown and through Forest Park with his buddies and visited with all kind of friends. He also spent some time checking out some of our friends' labs at OHSU and a biomedical engineering company that one of his old mentor's works for - hopefully some good networking! I mostly just visited with people and family - it was awesome and I didn't want to leave, especially not to face the last 5 weeks of the semester...lots of tests are coming my way...

THIS little (BIG) girl was a good reason to come home though! I called and checked on her while we were gone and got good reports - they were very impressed with her behavior and adaptability, which made us feel much better. She was so cute - she NEVER has accidents except when she gets scared in the car, but as soon as she saw us when we went to get her, she was so excited she started peeing! ha!

I'm pretty sure she didn't think we were coming back for her, because she is still kind of amazed to be home. She grew by about a billion pounds while we were gone and it has been beautiful since we got back. So nice that we thought we would leave her in the backyard while G went to work on Saturday and I ran errands. Apparently not such a good idea... I came home to find her standing in the driveway!!! I kind of freaked out because I started to think about what could have happened to her, but I think she was just looking for us, because she didn't go far...Thank Goodness! Silly little escape artist puppy!

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Alisha said...

Glad you had a good trip! Mav and I did seperate vacations once and it was weird, but nice too. :) Is it strange that the story of Olive peeing when she saw you made me teary?