Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog!

today is the 1 year blogiversary of Our Little Life. first of all - i can't believe its been a year! i remember starting this blog and racking my brain to figure out what to write. now i am a blog whore (sorry i know that is a vulgar word...but it really describes it!)...all i want to do is read and write blogs. when i tell people this that aren't into blogging they don't get it. do you find that? its a little (well actually big) secret society that you can only understand if you are truly immersed. signs that you are truly immersed in blog culture...

1. you have so many blogs bookmarked you have no choice but to use google reader
2. you get a little sad when you check your aforementioned reader and there isn't a little bold number indicating there are new posts to check
3. you feel like you know people you've never met and you heart them (its called a blog crush...its ok...everyone has them)
4. you blog stalk people (this is also perfectly acceptable) - once you feel comfortable you will leave a comment
5. you find so many amazing ideas that you like you have to seek out a special organizing scheme (when you stumble upon google notebook you feel like life is complete)
6. you walk through life wondering - 'should i/can i blog about this?' 'should i take a picture?' (so i can blog about this)

that is all i can think of for now. other than the blog whore i've become since last may many other things have happened. probably the biggest life decisions (1. get married 2. move across the world) we have ever made were made. i hit my lowest low and thanks to my support system (too many to link to!) and wellbutrin i am still here to blog =).

i'm sure there were other things, but now i'm ready to move on to a list of my favorite blogs (that aren't our friends & family)... hope you enjoy!

angry chicken
posey gets cozy
one more moore
homemade by jill
my happy little life

p.s. i missed my 100th post... apparently it occurred sometime in April... happy 100+ posts too!

p.p.s. grant is now a contributor to this blog so look forward to posts straight from him!

1 comment:

alisha said...

According to your description, I have a blog crush on you. Slash, I feel like I know you.
Is that okay? :)
I'm going to have to look into this "notbook" thing, since you're the one who turned me on to "reader."
Happy anniversary/100th!