Friday, May 30, 2008

sex & the city: a review

kendra and i decided that we wanted to see the new sex and the city movie at midnight last night...the earliest possible showing! we've had a less than exhilarating week at work so we made a night of it. first up was mexican at chapala...we shared so we could get candy at the movie! we usually go to sweet factory but decided bulk candy from winco - ghetto, but cheap, used to work there... lots of stories... i should share...

after our candy run we watched a few episodes to get us all geared up and headed to the theater which was a mad house! so weird... all the people there were all dressed up like they were going out on the town in the city...kendra kept saying "what do they think sarah jessica is going to be here?" haha... it was annoying but amusing.

anyway... to the movie... so good! you must see it! i'm very impressed with how well they did at keeping it like the show and not making things too unrealistic for the characters. it has inspired me to start from the beginning of the show and watch all the episodes again. i feel like they haven't made good tv shows like this in a long time... other than brothers and sisters, which i ADORE!

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jenni said...

i am SO jealous!!