Saturday, August 22, 2009


i finally uploaded some of the pictures from our trip! just looking through them makes me sad. happy but sad, ya know? when we first moved to missouri i was pretty intent that we wouldn't move back to oregon, but these past few months and now more than ever i am so motivated to get back there. i really really hope we can make it happen. lets hope the job Gods shine down on us in a few years!

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anyway... here is a quick run down of what we did while we were home...

lots of time with friends included wine tasting, saturday market, bbqs, parties, knitting, talking and dinner out, going to The Bite

we spent most of monday, just grant and i, at washougal. its this magical little place where grant spent lots of time as a kid. he misses it dearly. i sort of surprised him, but i think he kind of figured it out. we brought sandwiches, read, knit, took pictures. it was nice. that night we went over to some family friends' house to celebrate grant's dad's birthday. we ate some great food and drank good wine...perfect.

tuesday through friday we went to the beach. i have always loved the oregon coast, but i think i really fell in love this year. the weather wasn't amazing the whole time, but that is just fine with me. just being there is relaxing... the smell is amazing. we went to manzanita which just happens to be my favorite coastal town and also where grant and i spent our 1 year anniversary. who went... mom, tim, joel, roger, me, grant, kay, john, sharon, and lindsey came too! we played games at night. there was a LOT of laughing. so fun and so nice.

grant got sick while we were home. sad, huh? he had a fever and the whole bit. he was a trooper though. friday night we wanted to lay low so we went to see The Hangover. i was very reluctant to go, but OMG you have to see it. funniest movie ever. made even funnier when you see it with Lindsey - she has the best laugh! my mom loved it too. seriously go see it.

saturday morning we went to breakfast with my dad and then met up with steve, burton, and jillian to hike at forest park. ok. seriously how have i never been there? it is apparently the second largest urban park in the world and the largest urban park in the US! its amazing. you are down town and then all of a sudden you are in nature - and you can be in nature for 40 miles! its amazingly beautiful - i want to live right there so i can walk it everyday. unfortunately by this time in the trip i had broken my camera and forgot to bring tim's with me. sad. we hiked to pittock mansion and back and then went to lunch at the Laurelwood...SO GOOD!

that night both of our families came over to my mom's and Grant barbequed for us. it was a good way to say goodbye. there were some tears. mom brought us to the airport the next morning at 4:30am so we could board our separate but simultaneous flights home.

it was a good trip. a very good trip.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos. Some of them are very Ansel Adams like. Glad you had fun.