Tuesday, February 2, 2010

life is good

a friend sent me a cd with this song on it a few years ago when i was at one of my lowest lows. it always makes me feel better when things suck. things suck right now.

mostly school...i really can NOT stress how much i hate this program and wonder each and every day why i went back to school.

BUT despite how much it sucks i know that life is good. i do. and i wasn't always able to believe that. that, i would say, is progress.


Rachael said...

Thanks for sharing chica, you are so right on with the sucky things we have to do in life! I'm glad you can see through the bad and still see all the good:) luv ya!

Alisha said...

Keep your head up! You're awesome!

J J and j said...

I needed that today...thanks for the vocal pick me up.

Jonas and Janelle said...

LOVE YOU! I know school sucks, but you are over halfway there AND I get to see your beautiful face in person next month, can't wait!

Kera said...

hello, i'm kera. nice to meet you. i don't really {know} you yet, but i wanted to thank you for your comment. you said it perfectly: unsettling, but exciting. as long as we don't get overwhelmed with what we are capable of, i think can really be a wonderful time of blooming for us women. there is a wonderful quote that i love. check it out, and see you around. xo.