Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mom & Tim Come to Missoura - Part Three

Happy Graduation Tim!! Part of the reason my parents made the trip out here was so my step-dad could attend the graduation ceremony for his online masters degree! The school is in Omaha so we headed over there to spend a few days and celebrate!

I can't tell you how bad the ceremony was... but it was REALLY bad... picture a multi-millionare spouting off republican rhetoric for an hour instead of encouraging the new graduates to pursue their dreams and ideals. I mean he was going off about healthcare and how we shouldn't be buying out the banks??! How does this pertain??

On a much lighter and happier note... this hair graced us with its presence. Mom and I were laughing hysterically! REALLY lady?!? I know...

I'm going to hell.

the long drive home... so much more fun with family though!

and this girl! oh man did she have my parents wrapped around her finger after an hour! they love her and the feeling is mutual. she hates HATES the car though... there was lots of puking =(

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Jonas and Janelle said...

Congrats Tim! And I love that you actually took a picture of the lady's crazy hair... awesome.