Friday, June 5, 2009


this is my new life. see that wine glass? i will probably be upping my consumption considerably. its been insane and completely overwhelming, but i've made it through two weeks. thats good right?? (8 more to go...) did i tell you i needed 11 books for this one semester?? that might give you just a bit of an idea of what i got myself into. the craziest part - my life is easy compared to many of my classmates. how they do it i will never know. 

G has been amazing picking up the slack around the house and helping me through my daily breakdown. i think its just a little bit too much all at once. as you can see in the picture we have sheets in all our windows because we've barely had time to breathe let alone get anything unpacked or settled around here. i don't think there has been one minute since we got the keys to this house that either of us has felt at ease. hopefully we can work hard to unpack this weekend and get a place where it feels like a place we can relax in. it does look damn good though...if i do say so myself! 

keep G in your thoughts...his vertigo has been really bad since we stressed his system with all the house work. we are hoping to find him a doctor who can give him better answers - 'there is nothing wrong' doesn't cut it when you can't get through the day without feeling like you are going to fall over. 

OH... i also meant to post last week to say 'happy birthday' to this little blog. it turned two may 31st. i had hoped to sit down and reflect on how different our lives are since may 2007, but here is the quick and dirty.

in the past two years we have... 

quit grad school (n), 
quit a job (n), 
moved across the country (still so homesick), 
experienced unemployment (and loved it) (n), 
searched and found a home  (we looked at at least 40), 
started school (AGAIN) (n)....

isn't that insane? no wonder i break down... we've experienced almost all of the major life changes in the past two years...most in the past 9 months. but we feel so fortunate for how things have worked out and are excited for some calm.


Lindsey said...

WOW, that study table looks intense! I see some notes on restraints and times!

cb said...

I was just going to say (but you beat me to it) that most of those things were in the last 9 months! That is a ton!!! You should be thankful you are still breathing and that you guys have been able to do it all together and be there for each other the whole time.

Kay said...

That glass of wine? Honey, I see TWO glasses of wine on your very own desk. But you deserve them, with all you've packed into two years! Add to the list of accomplishments that your blog during the first days of homeownership serves as an outstanding example of how and why to blog.
Now that you're in school again, Nicole, I wonder if you'll be able to continue to keep us informed. Please know that if you were to find the time, we would enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Nicole, my niece has been going through a similar experience in an accelerated nursing program in KC, MO. She claims it gets easier. I didn't realize Grant's vertigo had worsened again, dang...I need to stop smackin him around so much in the lab.