Saturday, May 16, 2009

the first 30hrs...

WARNING: picture heavy post.


just after signing our lives away...we look surprisingly happy


our house number


goin' in

here is a little video we took as we went in to the house. i don't know what my deal is but lately i'm always holding my camera at an it may be kind of dizzying. 


this and the next few pictures are reminiscent of the day we got the keys to our first apartment together....that was, amazingly, 2 years ago! you can see those pictures here




i don't know why, but i love this one. i'm so glad my husband indulges my photo shoots.


checkin' out our yard. it was beautiful here Thursday. yesterday... not so much


we spent most of the evening driving back and forth to lowe's getting our flooring. it was quite the ordeal... i found a coupon that would save us $115 but we had already purchased the flooring. had to return it all and then buy it again. worth the savings though. 


we spent the rest of the night on our futon attempting to stay awake past 10pm to watch Benjamin Button... we didn't last long. 


the next morning the guys came and pulled up all the carpet. just that made it look SO different. i spent the rest of the day cleaning. so SO gross. this dude did not keep a clean house. 


after we waited out the most intense rain i've ever seen at a starbucks G took all the switchplates off and i cleaned doors and started taping to prep for painting the moldings. 


most friday nights we go to happy hour with our friends (guys from G's work and their wives). its always really fun and only us and one other couple is american so its fun to learn about the other cultures. arturo on the left is from Peru, but went to school in Argentina he is a neonatal MD and then got his PhD here in the US. jaume on the right is from Spain and started around the same time G did. he is getting married  this summer. then we also have bruno and bruna (isn't that funny how their names are so similar?) they are from brazil. sara and aaron are american and from the midwest...we love them too. 

anyway... they brought happy hour to us last night. they stopped by to see the house and we had a few beers. apparently we can fit two grown men in our windowsills... who needs chairs??


as we were heading out for the night we had a new friend welcome us to the neighborhood. 

we are already exhausted, but definitely excited. on the list for today: 
  • paint moldings and doors in bedrooms/bathrooms
  • primer a patch in each room to test paint colors
  • primer bedroom walls


Lindsey said...

LOVE the pictures, so cute! You guys will be so happy in your new home. I'm sad I can't be there...happy painting today! Love ya

Sean and Belinda said...

I am so excited for you guys! Looking forward to seeing the new flooring in. Congratulations!!!

Foushee's said...

congrats on the new house! hooray for the 8k tax worth it. the house is so cute! have fun making it your own!

mupedalpusher said...

I'm not sure you can consider these two guys grown men!!