Tuesday, May 26, 2009

by a hair


poor boy - those knees took a beating. they looked like softballs this morning =(


so close to being all the way done. G was all pro by the time he got to this point. you should have seen the cuts he was making to be sure everything fit together just right. 

the f-ing closet. this tiny little thing was last to be done and it would typically take maybe 30 mins to complete... he could taste the victory when all hell broke loose and he had to hack two rows out with a chisel. four hours later the laminate was complete. i felt SO bad. he did such an amazing job though. 

this was circa 2am - mom and i had been packing up our apartment in record time. we came home to find the floors done and G drilling into the concrete foundation so he could secure the transition pieces 

random:  my ironing board that i told you about ... i have some serious love for it.


more concrete drilling...

this was the dreaded day that mom left. SO SO hard to see her go. we seriously couldn't have completed our goals without her. she is so amazing and such a hard worker. sixteen hours a day of manual labor isn't fun for anyone, but at least it was our house. she was just so sweet to help. 

it was also moving day. mom and i packed up the whole house in about 3 hours sunday night and monday morning and then the guys came to help us. 

good 'ol uhaul. remember when grant counted trucks by the freeway to get through grad school??? good times (not really...)

i about had a heart attack when they were moving this. don't mess with our couch or our table. we HEART them. 

these guys were so sweet to help us. we have a lot of sh** and it was rainy/humid but they never complained.

we did pay them back with good beer and pizza though. 


OMG that is a lot of crap. we got done moving last night at about 8. today Grant left for a week in seattle for a conference and i started nursing school. doesn't that make you wonder how long our house will look like this??


jenni said...

so great!! congrats!

Kelsey said...

sounds like you two have a busy time coming up - even busier than you've been which seems crazy.

Your blog is so much fun to read - makes me excited (and nervous - my mom just put those floors into my family home last year and I know what it's like) for when we will own a house someday.


mupedalpusher said...

Yeah...you are in and now can hopefully regain some sense of normalcy to life! I'm excited to see the finished product.

Tiffany @ bride-on-purpose said...

Wow... such an exciting (albeit tiring) time! The floors look great! And isn't it sexy watching your man put blood sweat and tears into your home?!?! I don't particularly love renovating, but it is sooo worth it in the end!!

Good luck with the new school program!

PS... have been following you for ages, and continuously go back to your wedding pics for inspiration!!

Sean and Belinda said...

Wow everything looks amazing! Its incredible how much you got done in such a short amount of time. Looking forward to seeing it after you have unpacked!

Sam & Rachel said...

You guys have been rocking at the new house updates! Looks great. Congrats again on the new home.

J & J said...

Nice work on the floor Grant it looks great. We can't wait to see all of the updates. You guys have done so much in such a short time. It has to feel great!