Saturday, May 23, 2009

gettin' there

i am SO excited about this chair. i've been on the hunt for a rocking chair ever since i started knitting. something about the idea of knitting from a ball (not a skein) of yarn while in a rocking chair sounds so lovely. 

anyway... i spotted this chiar and ottoman a few months ago while at a flea market with a friend. i was in love, but couldn't afford it. i came home and told G all about it and started hunting around on craigslist to see if i could find a rocker in my price range. i found nothing. 
my mom and i went back to the same flea market - it was still there and marked down 30%!!!! she spoils me so she bought it for me. I.LOVE.IT!!!! 

i also bought an antique ironing board to use as a sewing table. it is really cute and sturdy. i think it will be nice to have something long and narrow to sew at. plus it frees up my desk for studying. needless to say it was a good shopping day. 

when we got to the house we moved the appliances out of the entry and hallway and onto the completed part of the floor. 

G started laying the laminate in the kitchen.

mom primed. it is such a huge space, but she did it no problem. 

i finished up the priming on the high part of the wall. 

our nightly routine: take out (difficult because we know NO decent restaurants), beer (G is resourceful without a botttle opener), and a floor picnic...

after running out of paint and getting the wrong replacement, i finally finished my craft room paint. i'm skeptical of it with the carpet, but i'm not repainting so i'll have to get over it. also, this pic is darker than in real life. 

G almost finished the kitchen, but has a few more rows. i worked to finish painting the moldings all around the house and mom started putting the main room paint up. it looks way good!!

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jenni said...

unbelievable! have you all slept???