Friday, May 22, 2009

one week.

we have been homeowners for ONE WEEK. can you believe that?? its seems like it has been forever since we got the keys. so much has happened. we are so glad you are all enjoying following along. the cheerleading is extremely motivating... keep the good vibes coming!

not as many pictures today...i think im to the point of exhaustion that finding and picking up the camera is too much extra work. its all getting done though!

yup folks. thats me... using a table saw.

today we focused on laying the laminate. we had a few, let's call them 'issues' so we didn't get as far as we'd hoped. when G got off work it went much faster

made some good progress

my friend sarah came over on her second day of summer (she is a teacher) to help us primer...she did the whole kitchen and dining room in record time. mom finished up this wall and the hallway tonight.

you like?? although laying this stuff can be frustrating i think it is going to be so worth it. we have started getting in a pretty good rhythm. G and mom are filling in the last of the holes (we think...) 

tomorrow we are taking a little breather from the house. G has to work a full day (he has been working half days most of the week). mom and i are going to tour campus and then go antiquing. i can't wait! 


Alisha said...

Love it! The floor looks AWESOME! Amazing what a little wood can do, huh? You guys were smart to wait to move in till after you did things. The Schwankes aren't quite that bright. :)

Lindsey said...

The floors looks AMAZING!! You guys are doing such a good job! Have fun with your mom today, enjoy your break!

Mrs. M said...

I am so impressed!