Thursday, October 2, 2008

our mexican honeymoon (aka honeymoon #1)

oh mexico. it is beautiful, amazingly beautiful. our resort was great - the food was great, they greeted us with drinks, begged to clean up after us, and we had everything at our fingertips. (the scenic picture above is a view from our room).
***we took some video - they are kind of weird so be prepared...***
we spent our first few days taking it all in. getting used to the idea of being married. laying by the pool and relaxing. on our third day we rented a wave runner - it was SO nice to be out in the cool water unable to feel the humidity!
this was the fateful meal. something wednesday night made us sick. so sick that grant was up all night feverishly vomiting and so sick that we are still (10 days later) sick.

we spent the next few days trying to get better. we mostly hung out in our room, but we had already booked and paid for a sunset sailboat cruise. it was supposed to be romantic and intimate with a maximum of 3 couples. well 2 other couples signed up, but they never came! we had the whole ship to ourselves. it was a fantastic time and sunset (when i wasn't seasick)... (oh.. and the foot pic is for eric)
the time in our room allowed some craftiness....
by saturday we were fed up. we still hadn't recovered from our illness and we were supposed to be in mexico til tuesday. we bought tickets home for the following day. we got ourselves up and ready for one last nice dinner.
can you tell we were a little cooped up??


Lindsey said...

you guys make me laugh...looks beautiful!

J Manson Squared said...

So glad to see photos! Looks like you had a great time - minus the barfing etc. Your videos crack me up and really make me miss you! Hope you're back to feeling 100% soon.