Monday, June 8, 2009


there haven't been very many fridays in my life that i looked forward to more than last friday. it has been such a roller coaster we really needed a weekend so we could reconnect and focus. both of which are necessary for us to finally relax into our life here.

it was good. SO good.

nice night

this is our new routine - eating on our patio. we love it and stay out as long as the mosquitos let us.

tostadas - YUMM

do you know about tostadas?? they are one of our very favorite dinners. corn tortillas fried in oil til crunchy then layered with beans, taco meat, cheese, olives, lettuce, tomato, CILANTRO (soo freakin' good), salsa, sour cream, and pepper. don't forget the pepper it is SO good on the sour cream.

after our relaxing dinner we entered about 10,000 lowe's reciepts into our budget spreadsheet - all i can say about that is - WOW. i have pics from the rest of the weekend and will try to get them up in the next few days.

on a side note... can you tell i'm feeling better? about thursday last week things just started to click back into place and not feel so overwhelming. i think i needed the prospect of a productive weekend with my husband and successful completion of my first two exams behind me.

thank you for all the love and support - we truly appreciate it.


jenni said...


those tostadas look amazing! as does the sunny pictures

Katerina said...

i loooooove this chair and table!!!

Mrs. M said...

Spending time with your hubbby, eating good food, and drinking a nice cold beer on the patio sounds perfect!

Marla said...

Hey Grant and Nicole, Holly's sister here, I love following your blog and watching your home come together. I can't believe how handy you both are! I wanted to say about Grant's vertigo, he should see an ENT doctor (also called an otolaryngologist). They deal with that sort of thing every day and if anyone can give you an answer it will be this sort of doc.