Thursday, June 11, 2009

berry pickin'

these would have been up earlier this week had our internet not stopped working for the thousandth time since we got service. i must go all day without internet - can't a girl just come home and be able to check her blogs?? now that my rant is over... this is going to be short and sweet. its late and i have an exam in the morning, but i wanted to get these up before my 13! hour day at school tomorrow.


saturday we went berry picking. it was a really nice morning - sunny but not humid. don't even get me started on my hair and the weather out here. it is out of control. anyway we had fun but the berries SUCK. they taste horrible and they are tiny. again... don't get me started on the quality of produce in the midwest. it is such a sad sad topic.

berry picking

berry picking

we were laughing about how abnormally long my femurs look in these pictures

strawberries & feet

G took this and had no idea both of our feet were in it. kinda funny. love his duck flip flops! our bank here has UO checks for free - SO excited about this. we are way WAY homesick lately. probably because Oregon is way cooler than Missouri, especially this time of year.

berry picking

ok so it wasn't such a short post after all. have a good weekend!

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Eric Snyder said...

Hey guys! I LOVE the picture of G-man sitting on the patio of the yard... it really makes me miss the Midwest. I hope all is well with you. See you at EB next year! Eric Snyder