Monday, June 15, 2009


i'm WAY behind on blogging... so get ready for some updates!

last sunday (like not this past weekend but LAST sunday) we worked on the house. shocker - i know! our friends Aaron & Sara were gracious enough to give up their sunday to help - can you believe that??

as i was organizing boxes in the garage to go up in the attic i almost kissed what i thought was a fake snake. when my face was about 2 inches from it - i saw the tongue move. OMG thats not cool. we "let" Aaron handle it (i.e. we were freaked out). it didn't want to leave but eventually 'Aaron the snake whisperer' (a Grant given name) got it out.
as an aside - our back yard is its own little eco system - on a daily basis we see rabbits, birds, frogs, snakes, and just about every bug you can imagine. i wonder if we ever mowed our lawn if they'd be around still???

this is just to show you we were STILL living in boxes. see that couch WAY back there??? it had been weeks since we'd sat on it. =( at this point we were living between the two bathrooms and had the kitchen and our bedroom situated.

Aaron hung all our blinds! no more sheets and towels in the windows!

he also worked to get our vent covers back on - they are surprisingly difficult to get on...

poor G kept plugging away at the flooring - he has been working on getting the quarter round moldings down - lookin' good!

Sara was amazing and painted the master bath for us. This was HUGE - we were able to get settled in there the following day and we finally feel like we can get ready for each day without hassle.

I worked on getting my office/craft space set up - sooo necessary so I could study effectively. plus i just want to get as many boxes out of our house as i can - i'm in true purge mode - wanting to get rid of EVERYTHING!

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jenni said...

eeeek, snake in your house!