Thursday, December 11, 2008

no longer homeless in january...

we found an apartment. we signed a 6 month lease at the River Birch Apartments in Columbia. i think it will be awesome for us. it is an all inclusive type of place... cable, internet, electricity, etc! we are really excited to have a dependable amount to pay every month.

we will have a 2 bedroom 2 bath townhouse...

kitchen with lots 'o cabinet space!

upstairs bath - check out the double sinks! and it has a jetted tub.

our little backyard (that they will take care of...)

in other news related to our move... i had my nursing school interview last week. i think it went really well. it lasted a total of 11 minutes and all of the questions were ones i had anticipated. i will hear about their decision the week of january 12th. no news on jobs so far. i've applied for several research positions at the university, but this darn hiring freeze is really getting in my way. if i don't get a job my nursing school decision will be made much easier.

what else??? want our itinerary??

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(if you click the zoom out just once you can see the whole route.)

December 22nd - Movers come & we head to Portland

December 28th - We leave Portland & head south to Redding, California

December 29th - Drive from Redding to LA to meet up with BWong

December 30th - All three of us head to San Diego to watch the Ducks vs. Oklahoma State in the Holiday Bowl! Meet up with Lucas and Leslie too.

December 31st - Pick up Kendra & John from the airport. Hang out with everyone to ring in the New Year in San Diego!

January 1st - Drive to Tuscon, Arizona to see Eric

January 2nd - Drive from Tuscon to Amarillo, Texas

January 3rd - Drive from Amarillo to Omaha, Nebraska to stay with Jon & Jess. Stay there until our stuff arrives in Columbia or we outstay our welcome... which ever comes first!

We are so sad to leave Oregon and everyone we love here, but also SO excited for this road trip and all that is new!


Eric Snyder said...

Yay! Looking forward to it. Eric

Leslie & Lucas said...

The place is super cute -- and I'm so excited to see you in San Diego - I can't believe you guys are leaving Oregon! (I know we already did, but Missouri is really far away!) :(

Lacy & Simon said...

How about a little side trip to State College, PA? It might be a little out of the way but we would love to have you.