Tuesday, January 13, 2009

oh joy...

this is how it looked after 3 days of unpacking. ridiculous! its getting better though. after today i think we will be through the bulk of it. which will feel much better.

a good thing? we got our dining room set! we ended up having to order it and pick it up here because the place we found it in ptown couldn't get it in time for us to move. i'll take a picture once we get all the chairs assembled and our dining room cleaned.

in other news - our apartment leave something to be desired. it looks ok, but it has lots of quirks and isn't the cleanest place i've ever lived. needless to say we will be moving when our lease is up in june. my top ten favorite things about our new place...

10. how our "back yard" is actually shared by all of our neighbors

9. how the door to the patio opens in and the wrong way so we can't have our table in the center of the dining room

8. how the blinds to the window at the top of our 20 ft ceiling are open and look directly into another apartment - did i mention it is primely positioned between our room and the bathroom - this means we must always be clothed - no fun!

7. how the list they gave us of what we are expected to do when we move includes the most extensive cleaning list i've ever seen and our place was incredibly dirty when we got in here. (also supposed to replace light bulbs and we have at least 3 out..)

6. how the blinds on at least 2 windows are broken

5. how one of the mechanisms that allows us to open the window in our front room is broken

4. how the upstairs bath (toted as a jaccuzi by the way) only runs scolding hot water (and does not at all coincide with the HOT label on the nozzle)

3. how part of the refrigerator door is missing so we can't store anything there

2. how if you use water (from the sink, tub, or toilet flushing) in the master bath a loud clicking noise occurs and doesn't stop for at least an hour

1. AND my all time favorite thing about our apartment... they gave us a coin operated washer and dryer - complete with 50cents we can use and retrieve each time we do laundry - AWESOME!


Jenny.Lee said...

omg i can't believe the laundry situation. that is crazy!

Holly and Everest said...

unpacking when you know you will be repacking in a matter of months can't be very motivating. Rough times for the Simmons family.

jessica said...

Absolutely love your spice rack - can you tell I checked out your pictures in detail? When did you get this?

J Manson Squared said...

LOL....you crack me up! I was laughing out loud and feeling your pain as I read your top 10. Totally sucks! We move into our apartment/condo tomorrow (at least we got to see it before we moved in) but who know what querks we will find. Best of luck! We're thinking of you.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh my word. This is why we hope to never rent! Good luck waiting for June. However, I would suggest only unpacking the necessary stuff so that you don't have to repack and re-unpack everything all over again :)

Leslie & Lucas said...

Ohhh, you seriously crack me up -- just think how excited you'll be when you get to a place your really like! In the meantime, take that list to the apartment office and demand that all that crap get fixed -- I wouldn't be taking any of that BS. Remember, when in doubt, have a glass of wine! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh that sucks. Welp, it gives the place character!