Wednesday, January 14, 2009

quick ipod cozy (and other ramblings...)

i'm glad you all enjoyed my top ten. i'm trying to convince myself it is all part of the adventure. and for any concerned that the landlord won't be hearing from us - fret not!!!

i also meant to mention that when we arrived in columbia my acceptance letter for nursing school was here! happy i got in, but nervous to start back to school. it is an intensive 15-month bachelors program - i hope it doesn't overwhelm me! the actual program begins at the end of may, but i have to take one more pre-req this semester. hoping this will ease me back into studying and giving up my free time...

speaking of free time - i quickly made this ipod cozy as we headed out the door for our three week trek. gran't had nothing to cover his ipod and it was getting pretty beat up. i made it as i closed up the last box of my crafting supplies in about 5 minutes. I was pleased with how it turned out though!

1 comment:

jenni said...

very nice and a good manly color.